First Step on G4Team

1 : Today, I’ve to say it and shout it out .

A wise man once said:
Give a man a link, and he will solve his problem that day.
Teach a man to use search, and he will solve his own problems for life.

It’s hundred times that i say this to my friends. 
I’ve to say : I’m not blaming and complainning you all ,
but as my road map of G4 Team :

G4Team is an ARPG game.
so please level up yourself to avoid any danger / damage .

I’m the first and get hurt . so, i became Darth Vampire and ……. (to be con. in some place. )

OK , ReleX and Play it ! Very funny !

I hope you all understand me , sometimes I become madness because of this … It the first step and the most important step…. Sorry my friends…

BEST Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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