Leies Crossbow V4 & 繁體中文 MUI V2 for Crossbow

Leies_CrossBow Ver.4
WM6 OS 5.2.318 (Built 15341.0.0.0)

It's base on 2.10.02 DarkForce WWE Rom . Since 2.10.02 which have CHT and CHS Version … but it's very special case for Uni .. that's why i cook .

Official Built :



Leies ADDED-ON :
– Built-in CE-Star, 倉頡,速成,Penpower
– 中文 Fonts
– 隱藏內置英文輸入法, 只會顯示 : CE-Star, Keyboard, PenPower
– G4 SIP Tweak
– Date & Time show on Top
– Today Date Single Line
– Clear Type Enabled by Default
繁體中文 MUI V2 CAB included !!

If you unlike the Splash Screen, use this.
– Leies Splash Screen (Leies_SplashScreen Folder)

Deleted : ( you can download from the other rar )
– Extended Rom
– Radio Rom

Download Here !

> Leies V4 ( Link updated on 11-10-07)

> Radio 1.15 + EXT Rom

> Fix_WM6_Sounds.CAB

Phone Setting got Error, can't change brands . but : 


(0 –> Automatic


Leies 繁體中文 MUI for Crossbow

it's done , will release when V4 rom release. here's some snapshot that using V4 Rom and CHT MUI…(Since 2.10.02 which have CHT and CHS Version … )

The most important thing : STANDALONE VERSION , my past version needed ce-star to launch MUI Changer, but not this time . You can use Moster Chinese as Core .

** Still need Chinese Core like Monster Chinese or CE-Star . **

For those haven't installed Chinese Core , you may download this pack for Viewing . ( Without Chinese SIP Input ) Download Chinese Core

Leies CLE Lite : New added ! 

Leies 繁體 MUI Download

– Some Terms will not be recover when choose back english .
(Maybe I will fix… )

Installation :

*before install mui , you must have a chinese core installed

1. Extract zip file to your PPC.
2. Click Enable_No_Policy.cab in PPC
3. Click SdkCerts.cab in PPC
4. Click CHT_MUI_ChangerCB.cab in PPC


Usage :

1. Start – > Programs -> MUI Changer
2. Select 繁體中文 and Click ok .
3. Will See some errors, just press OK twice and wil Auto Reset.

Darth Vampire Leies

Facebook comments:



  • David Chen says:

    Hi Leies,

    Your traditional Chinese MUI works great!
    Can you do one in CHS, simplified chinese?


    Thank you very much.


  • Trev says:

    Hi Leies

    I have download and followed all the instruction from you, the Chinese MUI killed my i600. It is dead.

    I followed all the readme.txt and install the software, and my phone try to restart , it turns on, but the windows mobile logo / screen does not show up anymore, i cannot get back to windows and of course i am not able to do a hard reset. My phone is not working …. what am i suppose to do.

    I had a look lots of forum before i wrote this to you, as i try to save it. But no luck that most of the ROM link is broken.

    May you help me to find a working ROM of samsung i600 (blackjack) and tell me how to install it.

    If you are not answering me, my phone will never works again.

    Thank you for your help


  • Trev, i600 is smartphone, and the MUI not supported .

    This kind of installation WON’T kill your phone and not required for rom flashing but hardreset.

    To do hardreset of Samsung i600 phone do as follows: on power up, hold down the 6 and # keys at the same time.

    If still can’t hardreset. Check out google.

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