Pocket MSN for Crossbow

For those who hate Live Messenger … ( will fxxkup your Contact List )


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  • keeekeee says:

    so will this Pocket MSN actually work on Chinese and English version of WM6 ? I am using Dopod 838Pro. Tried several version which i got it from internet. It screwedup. Hang. I used to got Dopod 900 as well. Hey Leies, where are you from? I think i have seem ya nick many times fr forum. U fr HK? if free come to my blog. Would like to share with someone who got same interests. http://keee-keee.blogspot.com/ 

  • Darth Vampire Leies says:

    Sorry first, my blog always got many spam, so i need to appove it by myself. sorry for my late reply.

    Yes, this works on WM6 in any device, since I've tested on my Universal , and others , it seems works .

    You're right, I'm from HK ~~ what about you ?

    I've been your web, nice site ! I'll keep watching on you , HEHE

  • keeekeee says:

    what is your email or MSN? may be we can chat or share sometimes 🙂  Hopefully we can meet in HK one day. Keep it up all the great work. You are GOOD  🙂

  • addme msn : hehe
    leieschan at hotmail dot com

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