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Let me say it outloud ! Welcome to G4 Team's Blog !
for those don't understand English too much , you may see the right sidebar, there's some translate lang that you could choose. Have fun !

– G4 Forum Update to newer version.

– G4 Blog changed a new face ! Love it ? I'm Loving it ! Code Name :  "Freedom"
I just found there's some problem when leaving comments , I've fixed already .

– I found a very useful tools , Win PE CHT Mini , just about 78Mb , i've installed and tested , fully support USB Stick, very fast and great for outdoor ! some of my addon tools :
*Foxit PDF
*FrontPage 98
*Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
*Photoshop CS2
*Portable Adobe Illustrator Cs
*UltraEdit-32 v12.00+1
etc …

– Bad news …. My Wii's Chips dead …. Today I've order the other brand, Wiikey ..  and some solder pad lost when I remove the chips, so today I've relink the pad by wires , super hard to solder , 1mm ?! just waiting for the new chips arrived to test my work … suck …

– What about PPC ? just found this :
WM6's Remote Desktop, for those using Windows Vista , you may need this to connet Terminal Server . (WM5 can't connect Vista… )

Download Here

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