Welcome Ryan! and 童年打街機 !

First of all , Say Hello and
      Welcome to G4 Crew : Ryan onboard !!

Here's his Blog Link : 


To Ryan : 你想唔想用大頭相? MSN 我


Now , at PC and now PSP with link play !!!

Check them and download !
童年回憶 1 : 街霸 2 ?? ! 5.09MB FOR 3.xx OE / 1.5 HTTP DL 回覆=?分 !!!
童年回憶 2 : 三國誌?食天地二街機+?Link機版+CPS1 Link 機教學+ Rom Link for OE
童年回憶最後一個: 異形??血戰士,D&D ?Link機版+CPS2 Link 機教學DIY+Rom Link

Some Snapshot :

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