Leies Chinese Language Extension

 MUST read my notes before you install …

 – Two Versions , CHT and CHS
– Use WM05 Orginial IME
– Support Hardware Keyboard
– NLS : I just use CE-Star's NLS and Fonts.
– Fonts can be changed by using my Fonts CAB .

Screenshot : LCLE CHT CHT

Screenshot : LCLE CHS CHS

Note For VGA user : If you use OZVGA in the main time, please install QVGA version. and Hand Write must not work , you may use my pack for HTC Universal .

Note For O2 Atom / O2 Atom Exec / HP RW 6828 user [Only for CHT Version]:
Due to Atom / 6828 use own dll [Regkey 00000409] to conrtol its Hardware key and Language Keyboard [on screen] , so please use pack for CHT if you installed CHT and found the problem already . CHT Version Pack – this patch will recover 00000409 regkey .
For CHS Version, just download as normal .

Download :

CHT Version :

CHS Version :
Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 1 [Use Askual's PingYin + M$ Handwrite] Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 2 [Use M$ PingYin + M$ Handwrite] Leies CLE CHS VGA [Use M$ PingYin + M$ Handwrite]

Patch for non-HTC user : IME Enabler

Install Method: If you using non HTC machine, please install Leies CLE , then install IME_ENABLER , Reset and Finish.

Others Fonts Download :
Monster Chinese

* Remember ! If you like to uninstall, you MUST change back to Keyboard. (Pocket Tweak like soft) I suggested perform a hardreset … better than Uninstall…

Special Thanks ASUKAL !! 

Darth Vampire Leies !   

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  • javacoffer says:

    Dear Leies?

    I`m interested in your programme. That is a great job. My friend who is using HTC9000 of German what to use your programme on his photo. Can it works? Can he looks Chiness and German same?

    PS. The link of CHS Download is invalidation. Where can i get CHS Versions?

  • Yes, I think you can see Chiness and German as the same time, but you can check the registry of :
    I guess there have a font for displaying German, just backup the registry for safe.

    IME that I suggest by using Asukal one, ( Pingyin + Hand Write ) More stable than MS orginial one.

    For download, I’ll repack to one cab first, since I let chinese to choose their Fonts … just wait for me . I’ll post when doen.

  • javacoffer says:

    Hi, Leies!

    Thank you for your great job and your answer. I think my friend will very happy to heard it. We will wait for your new production.

  • Javacoffer, thanks for support,
    i have to thanks Asukal , he helps me alot,
    just hope no problem for your friends, should you got any problem please feel free leave me a message!

  • siruba says:

    Dear Leies,

    First of all thank you for the great work! I have been looking for a M$ style chinese IME for very long, and unfortunately Asukal’s CHT IME will not install successfully on my 838 Pro (HTC Hermes) , but yours, however, does. 🙂 Also satisfied me in every aspect of my Chinese usage on the pocket PC in a single package. However if you could integrate the Asukal’s mUniFontMB (The older ver. for QVGA) instead of the SunGlobe, it will be perfect (for me :p)!

    There is a problem though. The Chinese input methods will not work in the MSN Messenger (The keys are accepted – I knew that as the beep for wrong character input is still there, but they just wont be displayed). The only way I could get to send a Chinese message is to input the char in Word and then C&P to the MSN. Would you mind testing it? I am not sure if it is the IME, or is it just me.

    Thanks and good luck! 🙂

  • Dear Siruba ,

    I’ve got some problem like you, sometime it can’t use hand write when using MSN on my O2 EXEC and O2 Atom too..

    But I’ve told that , “It’can’t be fixed” cause CHT / CHS IME using alot of memory , if you try changing default SIP using back “Keyboard” , all CHT/CHS IME can’t be call out at the first time …. but not happen at the second time .

    Since ENG WM05 have a lot of SIP built-in, maybe sometimes it haven’t memory to call out the IME …

    BUT !!! I find the solution (troblesome) .
    When you reboot , first open Task, and call out CHT/CHS IME , it should be loaded (I feel it load into RAM first) , after that , try use MSN . it works on my Exec and Atom .

    Remeber ! if you use some software like Wisbar , it used alot of memory , so close it first and load the IME when reset .

    By the way, which pack that you’re using ? I can build a custom pack for you (mUniFontMB , is it about 10MB?)

    Darth Vampire Leies

  • siruba says:

    Dear Leies,

    Thank you for your explanation. 🙂 But I think you have misunderstood my problem perhaps due to my poor presentation. (Although I sometimes have the memory problem you mentioned, too.)

    I have gotten rid of many memory hogging applications and now I can actually call out the Chinese SIPs in every software I use. All the available IMEs work perfectly on all applications except one – the MSN Messenger (In Pocket MSN Suite), in which the Keyboard IMEs (ChangJie & Chu On) will not send the Chinese chars to the message window, but the Hand Writing IMEs work fine.

    That is really weird, as the ChangJie worked fine in other applications like IE and Word.

    I believe the 10MB mUniFont you found is the VGA version (which is the top praised font for VGA PPCs), however it is not suitable to be used on QVGA displays. The mUniFont QVGA series font is available here in courtesy of Asukal:


    I am using the mUniFontMB version without Cleartype support (as the Cleartype version is not quite well) which is about 5M. Sorry but I do not have the hosting space to put the font file itself, the cab files in Asukal’s website included the registry settings but I think you are professional enough to extract the font from it. 😉

    Compared to the SunGlobe font of CE-Star, the mUniFont got better small Japanese fonts and large Chinese font. Although it is considerably bigger in file size. I would be grateful if you could build a custom pack for me.

    BTW would you mind telling me what should be used to pack the cabs? I have tried the simple cabinet archive tools from Microsoft and put in the same files from another cab but they dun seem to work as installation package on PPC, but just a file archive.

    Thanks again for your work and good luck! 🙂

    Best Regards,
    siruba (from Hong Kong)

  • Dear Siruba,

    Sorry first , I'll try it on TMR .

    Before My result out , maybe you can try on the lastest Windows Live Messenger beta , I remembered that i've tried on it and works, even Hand write and Changjie .

    For the Fonts pack, I'll pack it for you TMR , you used following :
    – CHT QVGA Version
    – mUniFontMB Right ? For Packing Cab , I use WinCE CAB Manager 2.1 , it's very great tools !!!

    You can search this version :
    Easy to find XX . Told me if you can't search on it .

    BTW , 你?以打中文 , 我都係香港人 , ?係因為比其他人?我先用英文 . 🙂

  • siruba says:

    Dear Leies,

    No problem, I use English for the same reason – for others to read :p

    I have tried the Windows Live Messenger Beta and the ChangJie works! Woot! Thanks a lot for the suggestion! However there is another problem for me – the message window uses ClearType compulsorily, and as the mUniFontM”B” does not support ClearType, the messages become blank… But I am more than happy to give up the font for the Chinese input, using either the SunGlobe or the even bigger mUniFontM.

    So please accept my apologies for the hassle… But would you please pack the mUniFontM for me instead? m(___)m As the mUniFontM is still superior for applications other than MSN (which I could disable the ClearType to yield the same result of MB), and moreover, it is free! Hurray! 🙂

    BTW I noticed that your CLE package sets the Pocket PC locale to Japanese after installation. Although this does not pose a concern (I can set it to Hong Kong afterwards), why not set it to a Chinese locale? I found some applications like Word does not shows Chinese text files properly if the locale is not set to Chinese.

    Sincere thanks for all the help you offered! Those really are breakthroughs after breakthroughs.

    Best Regards,

  • Dear Siruba,

    Thanks for your report ! I’ve repacked a custom version for you , please get it here :


    I care about the memory … since the fonts is big , hope it works !!

    For Regional Settings , I search about the registry, but can’t find … I guess it’s depands on the wince.nls file . Sorry about that . I’ll fix it when I found the way .

    Enjoy it !
    Darth Vampire Leies

  • siruba says:

    Dear Leies,

    Sorry for the confusion but I actually meant the mUniFontM QVGA version (which is about 6.7MB) available here:


    It is at the lower part in the form of “e-chinaV62m_L.cab”. Once again sorry for the extra work because of my poor presentation. 🙁

    About the locale problem, it seems to be that the nls does not set the region. But I also have no idea where to set it. I will look into it with the tool you mentioned. 🙂

    Best Regards,

  • siruba says:

    Dear Leies,

    Thanks a lot! I am excited to report that your package works perfectly. I shall try to look into more about Windows CE packers you advised to see what I can possible contribute. 😉

    Thanks again! You have just perfected my WM5 experience.

    Best Regards,

  • Yeah ~ That’s great ! Have fun ~

  • xpking says:

    May I know the difference between 4 files of Asukal?
    And which one your software is using?
    Thanks for your great work!

  • xpking says:

    One more thing…
    why the font in Leies_CLE_CHT_QVGA_mUniFontM6M.rar here looks the same as the fonts Leies_CLE_QVGA.cab?

  • Dear xpking ,

    Which 4 files you’re talking about ?

    mUniFontM6M using mUniFontM fonts , and Leies_CLE_QVGA which using CE-Star’s sunglobe fonts , maybe you can try to enable cleartype to see .

    Thanks !

  • xpking says:

    Thanks. Can you do me a farvour?
    I want to have 倉頡, 手寫Big5 and display CHT 10MB unifonts in QVGA only
    Would you pack it for me?
    Can it also display CHS and CHT at same time?
    Is it possible to change eng keyboard as default in registry?

    Many thanks!

  • Dear xpking,

    1) I’ll pack it asap ^__^
    2) It can display CHT, CHS, at the same time .
    3) I’ve tried before like you, but the result is not good at all, if changed to eng kb, each time i reset i’ve to change to 倉頡 , the fisrt time it’s not work … maybe I’ve installed wisbar, use alot memory… , maybe you can try by using Pocket Tweak. change it back if not works .

  • skypirate says:

    Dear All

    may be u can try sipchange.exe.

    it will set yr selected keyboard during reset.

  • skypirate says:

    ops. I am using a 838pro.. why only 注音 is working??

  • Dear skypirate,

    Did you install IME Enabler as well ?

  • xpking says:

    I have installed the file without problems.
    Many Thanks!

  • J. Tsai says:

    Dear Leies
    Your CLE runs quite good on my Universal (Dopod 900). May I forward your article and write simple instruction in Traditional Chinese on a famous website of Taiwan?
    Thank you very much! ??!
    p.s. ??的中文 (普通話) ?知您通嗎?

  • Dear J. Tsai,

    Sure , it’s my honor !!! Thanks alot !

    我是香港人, 我懂普通話的 ~~~ 有?題?以找我 , ?? !!

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