Why some IME/SIP crush after install in O2 Atom or others PPC

For some machine like Atom, it have own dll to control it’s hardware button.

Let’sa look in registry :


“Layout Text”=”US”
“Layout File”=”pxa27x_keypad_Us.dll”

This is Atom’s ORGINIAL Layouts , as you seen, ” pxa27x_keypad_Us.dll ” controls the main keyboard.

After install CHT IME, it use “kbdmouse.dll” on 00000409, so it’ll crush the main button like can’t use backspace , hardware key errors .. that is the main point .

If you installed IME and found that errors happen, I think that you have to hardreset and look into
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Layouts\00000409], any dll that preloaded ? if yes, justexport 00000409 , then install IME and import the key of 00000409 . I think it could help .

Here, I have upload a fix that when you installed already . or you may install it AFTER install Asukal’s CHT IME.
Download : Atom Restore 00000409 CAB

Or , Download this one, I’ve already built a new CAB that deleted 00000409 already, install and reset will works.
Download : Askual CHT IME for Atom

What about install SIP and IME at the same machine ?
for some SIP like CE-Star and Monster Chinese , it couldn’t install at the same time, cause they usee0010404 as their Main SIP , so Maybe, MAYBE just make something change one that key could let you install other CE-Star / Monster chinese SIP at the same time .

Possibility of Muilt-IME ?
For others IME that Asukal made , I think it can’t be install at the same time , like CHT and CHS / JAP / KOR, I’ve tried edit the key number , and not works …. but !

As I found, Reg Keys under
That’s the “Key” we’ve to do something on it if “Muilt-IME”

I work on it when I have time to test it .

Darth Vampire Leies, Darth Forever !

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  • iketsu says:


    I’m so glad to find your page. It’s really useful for people like us searching hard for a suitable Chinese/Japanese IME to use on WM5.

    I have a question on your repackaged file for Askual CHT IME for Atom. I want to confirm if the order of installation of the cab files are:

    1. CHT_IME_QVGA_F_ATOM.cab
    2. 2_Enable_IME_2.cab
    2. 2_Enable_IME_3.cab

    Is that correct? Once again thanks for your contribution, and Askual’s too!

  • Hi iketsu,

    Yes, the step that you do is correct . For CHT_IME_QVGA_F_ATOM.cab , it just contain IME , no fonts in pack . I’ve repacked CHT only at this time , please tell me if you need CHS version, I’ll repack it .

    Thanks !

  • iketsu says:


    Yea, if you don’t mind the trouble, I would really like to have the CHS version too! Thanks for going through the effort to repackage it for me Leises! =)


  • Hi there, I found that CHS version is different from CHT, it won’t affects the 00000409 regkey , so just install my pack , I think that should be work .

    Backup before Install !

    Thanks !
    Darth Vampire Leies .

  • iketsu says:

    Hi Leies

    Thanks for the advice. Do I need to install both Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 1 and Pack 2? I’ve only installed the first pack and the IME Enable and everything works fine so far.

    If some day I wish to uninstall, I read that I needed to change the Default IME back to its original value. Can you tell me which Registry key that is? I am not very familiar with the Registry in WM5.

    Thanks Leies!


  • Hi iketsu,

    You can just choose one of Pack 1 or pack 2 .

    Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 1 [Use Askual’s PingYin + M$ Handwrite]
    Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 2 [Use M$ PingYin + M$ Handwrite]

    The difference is in PingYin .

    For uninstallation , I suggest using Pocketweak
    You may download here for free

    Since Registry key is very long …. so, use it to change back !


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