Happy Day and Happy Birthday to G4 Crew Members !

Head Lines :
First of all , Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Vian and my son Redwing !!!
So busy these two weeks, cause wife and son having their bday , drunk and drunk (i haven't cause I'm not good in that… )

Auto Fly Mode for Pocket PC Phone :

This program can save your PDA Phone Battery and to avoid wake you up when you're sleeping , Easy settings !

I've translated to ENG and Big5 version , all in 1 rar

Download : Auto Fly Mode for PDA Phone 

Some News for Wii :
as my last post , I did the SD card to GC Save, I'm searching "something" tools .. before "something"  , I've tested Action Replay Disc .. and find some problems … if you got the error of : Please insert the Action Replay hardware into SLOT-B , i found the fix method :

Action Replay XX run in Wii Method :
1) ? GC Save Card 去 Wii 既 Slot B , 入岩岩燒出黎既 AR 碟 .
2) 開 Wii  去左下角 : Wii Options
3) Data Management -> Save Data -> Nintendo GameCube > Slot B
4) 會見到你既 GC Save (有的話)
5) Back 番出去 Wii 既主畫? , 去左上角 Disc Channel > Start
如無?外 , 就會?功 .  

"Happies" to share :
– So many members birthday in April !
– Got Auto Fly Mode to save one of my Universal's battery ^_^
– I've Fixed my Shaver ( very $$$ )
– Did the SD for GC
– I've Fixed Sony DC ( by Luck ) and shot many snap !
– Upgraded PSP to 3.30 OE-A
– Redwing bought WiFi Link and play MHP2 woth me , XD

PSP 3.30 OE Download and Upgrade Method :
1.5 用家 :
複製 330oeflasher and 330oeflasherr% 去 /PSP/GAME
OE/SE 用家 : ?以直? (唔使Downgrade 去 1.5 )
複製 330oeflasher and 330oeflasherr% 去 /PSP/GAME150
Download Link 1
Download Link 2
(Thanks For Correction !!! )
– Updated from psp firmware 3.10 to 3.30
– Fixed a bug that could have caused inestability in 3.10 OE after recovering from sleep mode.
– Patched a protection that prevents the firmware to load higher firmware modules.
Copy oeupdmaker and oeupdmaker% to /PSP/GAME if you are in 1.50, or to /PSP/GAME150 if you
are in any SE/OE version
You need 75% battery, although you can skip this if you pressed L+triangle while loading the program.

Funny ? 百?通解體 !
Note : I'm not planning to crack it LOL !!!

Last : I'm sorry to my blogger cause this post is too long !

Darth Vampire Leies !

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