PenPower in CE-Star RIP

Note : For this release, it's sure not for users that installed CE-Star already . It's for some user which using non chinese WM05 and CHT IME .

Why I do it ? Cause my O2 Exec always in OZVGA mode .. There's no any handwrite SIP that support FULL screen handwrite. and I like WM05's ?? IME . it'll crush when install CE-Star and CHT IME at the same time … so ..

This CAB just use few of CE-Star files, when use Penpower, it will callup CE-Star core (Really core… ) since CE-Star won't be installed by using wxesetupex.exe or wxesetup.exe . so the registry would be clean. the main core just run for penpower .

I have't tried Monster , somebody said Monster's handwrite is better. But for me, first of all I had to solve my problem and will try out monster later , see which one is better .

Download here :
CE-Star Penpower RIP (CHT) XXXXXed already . just install and use .

Some of you MAYBE got problems, can't call out the Penpower , try to close some programs , specially for Wisbar , then try again , you can use now .

Have Fun ! ( I am , cause I can write , haha )

Darth Vampire Leies , Forever Darth !

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