G4 IME Online 網上輸入法

5-5-07 a very fast update !
G4 IME Online 網上輸入法 V3 !
?方輸入法 ,  ?米網上輸入法 ,
?語注音輸入法 , 筆順碼 (Java Applet) , 五筆輸入 , Japan , Korea !

4-5-07 Sec. Updated
G4 IME Online Version 2 and Pocket PC Version beta

G4 IME Online Version 2 :
Support More Browser , like netscape, firefox etc .
but less IME :
第五代倉頡(香港版) , 簡體拼音 , 拼音 , 簡體倉頡 , 倉頡 , 簡體英中

Pocket PC Version beta:
Well, just use it when you haven't install any IME or Can't install … Since I've packed so many Chinese IME such like CESTAR, Monster Chinese, and Leies CLE / CLE Lite ..

It's base on Version 2 , NOT support PIE , Support Opera [Tested], Netfront [not yet tested] Tried Minimo , can't load into GUI .
and bugs :
after input any word , next word will go in front of the first one. I think it's Java script problem in Opera ..
hope next version Opera could be fix ..
For Shortcut Link :

I'll pack a offline version for PPC. and anyone would like to get the source code, please contact me .

G4 IME Online Version 1

Now Supported IME :
倉頡第三代 倉頡第五代 速? 新速?
全方?倉頡 短碼倉頡 快?速? 香港順?速?
快倉五 快倉六 快倉七 一日碼
簡易粵語拼音 注音 簡易漢語拼音 ?體導碼
行列30 總筆劃數 新總筆劃 四角號碼 電報碼

Support IE , but fail in Firefox … and haven't tested in PDA yet ..
(*Updates : Opera 8.65 on PDA works !!! and I think javascript supported in any broswer should be works , So Funny !)
Funny but useless , just use it when you can't / haven't install those IME .

Here's snapshot for 倉頡 :

Darth Vampire Leies

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