G4 IME Fast Switch… for ?

For those who using CE-Star SIP and hardware keyboard to type and feel tired changing English to Chinese or Chinese to English by clicking "中" in CE-Star Software Keyboard … ( oh yes , You can use Shift key to type english…as …. well… ) good news for you all .

I found a "Switch" , by using PQz II .

I don't know why , CE-Star said that , Ctrl + Shift could change SIP
but I mapped the key of Ctrl test this funtion but not work .

Something Funny , if you enable "IME" in PQz II , map a key , then run
task or others to test typing , click on the IME key that you assign b4 , it works !

This Program is RIPPED FROM PQzII .

I like Simple and Clear interface .

PS : I haven't test in others SIP/IME … please report to me if you tried others … Thanks !

DOWNLOAD HERE (Please read Readme for Settings)

For Hermes User , better download the orginial version ..

Chinese Readme :

PQz II 入?有版係 "IME"
"IME" – Set 個 Key , "NO SHIFT" ? Shift+CURSOR

最好o係 CTRL/ALT 個版 Set 番 Port ? Land 都係 CE-Star …
最好 Set 番個 Icon bmp , 易?好多 . 因為 …

當你 Click IME 個 Hotkey 時, Icon 會著色 , 呢個時候打字係入中文
? Click IME Hotkey , Icon 會冇左色, 呢個時候打字係入英文 (有時?連續o?兩次

注 : 呢個主?係 For CE-Star 中轉英 or 英轉中 , 並唔係輸入法之間既轉? … 我未試?其他 IME/SIP

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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