IME and SIP …

If you're a reader from me , you'll know I love to research and Dev. so many Chinese IME/SIP in PPC , I just feel it's very very important to all users in Chinese and other world .

just think one day your PC , PPC , Phone can't type chinese / your own lang. , you can throw it alway … (please throw to me 🙂 )

and as G4 IME Online released , it totally fix this trouble , why i do this ? I just think one day you can't install any IME in your computer / PPC  ( even it won't happen many times so far… ) , you can use it to reply , chat and type in chinese big5 or gb , Jap and Kor . So , I've research so many online ime and copy them to my web LOL .

For PPC, it's very good for CE-Star which supported Hardware Keyboard , but I'm crazy EACH TIME when switching Chinese to English by clicking "中" key in software keyboard ! What the hell's going on , i got a hardware keyboard man !!! …  Yes, so I try alot of time in PQz II but no luck … Finally I found the way out …

This topic is not chatting about SIP and IME so far , it's about :

For those of you which needed SIP/IME to type your word , please love your country , your languge ,  your "words" , you can't live without it .

Darth Vampire Leies ( not so dark this time, right ? )

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