A Notice for all

I'll go China for work for a long time (if suitable) , I'll back to HK 1 day per week .

I'll try my best to update my blog and continue all my Research and Dev . But as the beginning , I think it's very hard to update frequently, and the hardest point which is got an internet connection . I'll try my best to find one first .

For those would like to leave me a message, you may send me a mail to

leieschan AT hotmail DOT com
leieschan AT yahoo DOT com DOT hk

I have to go la ,  See ya !

2nd Update : for G4 IME Online .

I'm working on new version of 速成 Online IME , and planned creation of 廣東輸入法 for Mobile and PC . Since IME conversion need quite lot of times, I think it takes about 2-3  weeks for finishing these two IME .

Unfortunately , I'm not programmer , if I'm , I can create a free Chinese System IME for Pocket PC … Since I understand some IME table coding right now … Maybe I'll try for learning some programming lang. from books later …

This is one of my Project when I'm in China for my own . I can do it without any internet connection.  🙂

maybe I will convert more IME, but need to try and got enough of time .

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies [Dark Forever] !

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