PDA Phone Wars ?

For most PDA Phone owner enjoy thier PDA lifes alot , and find many software , adding more funtions into . then how to choose the suitable model for your needs as begginer ?

Type or Tap for input ?
Windows or ?
CHT or ENG ?

In HK's PDAers  Life, we choose keyboard (type) for most , and we won't choose O2 brand , WHY ? in HK, O2 Service level is bad , many users report and claim that O2's Service …. waiting 2 Months to repair with no replacement?!

CHT or ENG ? it's very depands . Advance users would pick WWE (ENG) , stable than CHT . but it's very special case , if CE-star not stable, they will pick CHT as last .  

last , WinMobile or ? most advanced user, they like WM for work , and Remote service , with High Speed Internet Connection , it could replace Notebook for most time . Sure , they have Notebook also .

For now in HK, as Softbank which have import goods in many place for sale, X01TH , this model hit many user's "Heart" . with keyboard support, many users love in it . even there's no warrenty …

X01TH I could tell that is a PDA history in HK , ROM player gain alot too . and I seen many user made his toy dead … even a WWE rom, they will try it out too, and stick on CE-Star – the only one chinese core supports hardware keyboard .

What I'm talking about … the Wars , Apple brings it out .

Will you pick this ?


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