Here’s my Pack that I used … <- Like iPhone Contact
DUN DEL <- CHT version will del cab after install …..
G4 SIP <- Hide unused SIP and Set startup SIP
Hide Sim <- Hide SIM contact in Contact
Today Screen Bottom Bar.CAB <- Set any program that you like in Today’s bottom bar . <- Why use this ? Cause it like iPhone ? not really . I use this for screen blank when I listening MP3 , I did try use Windows Media Player to blank LCD , but after i press the hotkey, it off and on again ……………. so I just use this to blank the LCD …

Download My CAB pack (927KB Only)

Note : Better make a Copy of DUN DEL , since it will del the orginial cab …

Here’s my screenshot , hehe . she is my wife .

<- Slide2Unlock

<- iContact

<-Today Screen Bottom Bar.

Here’s White version !!

I like Dark Side !

Darth Vampire Leies

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