Windows Mobile Road ?

When iPhone not yet released , whene some screenshots out, it’s a time to tell Microsoft why iPhone release.

GUI – it’s very important to any OS , you can see iPhone GUI very simple but very SHARP. After that, Samsung i71X series released a Flash GUI interface which fit any WM new comers. Next, HTC release Touch ELF and HTC Home( Today Plugins ).

I wrote this blog wanna to tell that GUI will make any phone more friendly and a reson makes ppl to buy . and please, MS, please make WM more user friendly,simple and let more user to feel WM’s power .

Since, you can install more software to make yours better, but many users like me that hates keep install and updates ……. I feel tried to install right now …

Apple makes iPhone GUI Beauty , Microsoft lets WM Powerful .

What Next ? Time will tell .

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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