How to Download Play Store APK Directly (Country Bypassed)

I’ve posted before, but outdated, so I post it again with new version and easier setup.

So what you needed ?

1) Chrome
2) APK Downloader
3) Device ID (install this to your Android Phone/Tablet)

Installation :

  1. Download the pre-packaged extension: apk-downloader.crx.
  2. Click the Settings icon on the right of your URL bar.
  3. Select Tools > Extensions.
  4. Once the download has finished, drag the download to the Extensions page.
  5. When you are asked to Confirm New Extension, press the Add button.
  6. Now click on the Option link
  7. To be able to download from the Play Store, you need to authenticate all requests. Therefore you need to “log in to your Google Account” at the extension’s option page.
  8. Run Device ID from your phone, you will see the ID there.
  9. Use your google account login, put your Device there, then click login.

Please uninstall earlier (1.4 and earlier) versions of this extension before updating to the this latest version

Setup is Done now .

So how to use it ?

I don’t wanna type too much




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