How to Get Indonesia LINE Event Sticker Guide

It’s EXPIRED already ! Won’t work anymore.





This is Indonesia event, follow my guide will let you download these 5 stickers for free and they won’t expired.


How it works ?

In this event, if we invite friends, we get 1 point, but somehow, if we have register LINE ID already, we CANNOT do it, so we need another account to help your Main Account getting points.

to cut it short : Use Mirror accounts earn point to Main account.

Requirement :

– iOS or Android ( it works on non-rooted or rooted Android, non-jailbreak or Jailbroken iOS )
– Few LINE Accounts & Facebook Accounts (I call it as “Mirror Account”)
– Indonesia VPN  or Tiger Haung app or lineAuthkey (For download those stickers)
BlueStacks ( not a must ) OR another phone

Preparation ( 3 Steps) :

1) This step, which test the event works on your LINE or not.

On Original (your Main) Account from Android / iOS :
try click on this link :  line://ch/1366201766/1/popup

If you can see this page WITHIN your LINE APP ( if not, it will pops up browser, which means WON’T work )

Below Photo, it is NOT WORKING


Working snapshot below, it won’t pops up browser app, will be opened within LINE APP directly.
2013-04-21 14.27.372013-04-21 14.27.49
if you can see above screen, you may go Step 2.  If not, check below :

Fixing the event link :

If you’re not rooted:
Uninstall LINE and re-install LINE again, USE FACEBOOK LOGIN LINE (cannot use email / Phone login) , click this link :  line://ch/1366201766/1/popup again, normally you can go this page WITHIN LINE APP. (not pop-up browser)

If you’re rooted: ( or simply reinstall again … if you don’t need the chat history)
Install SQLite Editor, find LINE, naver_line > settings :

2013-04-21 13.49.22

Find “CHANNEL_DOMAIN”, click edit record. Add :,   at front and hit save.

2013-04-21 13.49.32

Then, force close LINE, and run LINE again, go to check line://ch/1366201766/1/popup again, normally you can go that page WITHIN LINE APP.

2) Go register another new Facebook account , you need a new mail too, just simply register from google, outlook or ymail etc.

**Note : when you register few Facebook account, it will ask you to put phone number. I suggest you use another computer to do it, they logged your MAC address, so even you use another ip address, you will still find this problem. (Maybe ask your friends to help or use VMWare if you installed.) ***

3) This is not a must, but if you wanna keep everything from LINE, better use BlueStacks to process followings steps. Because we need to login another account (Mirror Account) to make it works.  If you didn’t, then you will need to clear Data from LINE (which means you’ll lost chat history) , / uninstall + reinstall for iOS.

Let’s Start ! (8 Steps)

1) I use BlueStacks to do it , if not, you need to clear data from LINE on your Android / Uninstall & Install it from iOS. OR use another phone….

2) Login your NEW MIRROR account, click “New Users” & use Facebook login (MUST USE Facebook login or won’t work) , and finish the registration.
( You may ask : Do I need another mobile phone number ? the answer is NO, you DON’T need it. )






3) Goto “Setting”, “Profile”, paste this into “What’s up?” :  line://ch/1366201766/1/popup


4) Then click on it. will show this page within your LINE App. ( you did test already)


5) Click “Take Part”, will show :


6) Enter your Main LINE ID here.


Will be shown : Successful


7) Back to MAIN Account check if you like, will be shown got 1 points ( 1 should be “Point” lol )

** I suggest you check at the FIRST TIME , i tried i didn’t got point if I didn’t check at the first time. After frist time checking, you don’t need to check it everytime if you’re NOT using BlueStacks as it’s quite trouble. 

2013-04-21 13.49.01

Then, back to MIRROR account , goto Setting, Profile


Click : Delete my Account ( MAKE SURE YOU’RE ON MIRROR ACCOUNT NOT MAIN ACCOUNT if you’re not using BlueStacks)


8)  Repeat Step 2-6 , until show this message :


When this message shown, which means you need another MIRROR Account, go register another Facebook account and repeat step 1-6 again until you got enough points, normally one account can be repeat 3-4 times as I remembered.

How to Get the Stickers ?

1) Login back to Main account

2) Click line://ch/1366201766/1/popup again, click “Take Part”

2013-04-21 14.27.37

3) Click on “Sticker List”

2013-04-21 14.27.49

4) Pick the one you gonna get it

2013-04-21 13.55.56

5) I picked Sally , haha

2013-04-21 13.56.05

6) Confirm it !

2013-04-21 13.56.11

7) Here, since this event is from Indonesia, so you need Indonesia VPN to download the sticker.

Indonesia :
user : vpnc
pw : click here to click

** Tiger Huang told that : After you choose which one to download, you may use Tiger Huang to get it, then you don’t need VPN/Proxy to get them. ( also works on lineAuthkey )

8) Yay, you may download it now !!

2013-04-21 15.20.01


2013-04-21 15.27.112013-04-21 15.27.48

Repeat those steps to get more stickers !!! This guide End and I’m out !


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  • dhi says:

    if i choose email , this version of line does not support this type of url

    what must i do?

  • Leies Chan says:

    which version of line you’re using ?

  • Same with me. Can’t enter main ID. Doesnt support this url

  • Anku says:

    Do I need wait a moment for repeating step2-6 to prevent from mirror account is detected a absnormal use by server of line?

    我需要在重複步驟二~六的時候稍微間隔一點時間嗎?例如兩分鐘或以上?以避免太快被伺服器偵測到異常使用而無法在輸入主帳號的 ID?我因為沒特別間隔時間,大約五分鐘內就輸入了三次,然後這個分身就被封鎖輸入 ID 的功能了!

  • line id says:

    hello leies, what version of this line???
    I tried versi 3.6.3, 3.6.4 & 3.6.5 this version of line does not support this type of url T_T

  • line id says:

    April 22, 2013 4:45 am
    hello leies, what version of this line???
    I tried versi 3.6.3, 3.6.4 & 3.6.5 this version of line does not support this type of url in step 5 (Let’s Start ! (8 Steps)) T_T

  • tried opening the link, and click Take Part.. but it said “Sorry, the event is no longer available”

    fyi, i am using 3.5.0 Line on jailbroken iOS

  • Connie says:

    Hi im in Australia. I hv downloaded 2days ago. But this morning i find my sticker was expired n need to be delete 🙁

  • Ttsneg says:

    I’ve got one of these, but since i’m using my ios device to get it. I had to delete my line app, an reinstall it. After that i tried to redownload the sticker, and luck does not seem to be on my side. I cant redownload download it.

  • t24X says:

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  • 161179 32999wonderful post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not notice this. You must continue your writing. Im sure, youve a great readers base already! 595033

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