I feel lost and alone in Mobile Phone’s world.

In earlier , when you choose a mobile phone, it’s very easy to pick . What about now ?

As normal users, they just pick a moble that is pretty, specially for girls, they won’t they this phone can satisfied what they needed . Dial and talk .

Maybe you’ll think it’s a time we have to think about : ” What a user needs ? ”  But I won’t think like this .

Phone’s function ? I don’t think I can’t find a phone can’t fit my needs. And as a market view, it’s so passive .. Why don’t think about : ” What kind of service they can provide ? ”  I’m not claiming they haven’t do it. I just feel they haven’t reseach more .

Media, I think it’s a time to renew this word. it’s not only on TV, as a fast connection came to our life, let us much easlier to view such like TV/MV/Music/News Video kind in mobile phones. Media became very important in our lifes, any user could choose thier TV show/program/channel , it’s a great potential for this kind of “Media”. Certainly, importing existing TV programs to mobile could attract more user paying . But creating more and more custom ” Mobile Media ” could rewrite Media’s road .

Back to the subject, in this age, Mobile Phone became an articles for daily use, very important in our lifes, boy and girl like to MSN/MP3/Movie/Game in their phone. It’s quite “Passive” . I feel alone and lost on Mobile phones.. . Time to make us feel “Interaction”, It’s very critical in Hong Kong. Phone/Video Call which let Peoples more close, but “Functions” , “Service” let me feel alone. Never a software but the “Road” that making people together. Making their lifes more happy . I think these kind of “Mobile Phone” which fit my needs.

Darth Vampire Leies

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