DumbPhone or SmartPhone

Every time, when a new phone released, tons of reviews, tons of cons, pros, tons of complaint.

I would like to tell : None of them i gonna trust.

Specially, some reviews i feel meaningless,  let’s say : iPhone 5 vs HTC One. Dude, it’s different generation phone, how to compare ?

This post, is not a guide for you define true of false, but some information that you must know.

Battery Life

I saw so many forum told that XXX’s battery bad, need to be charged twice per day, i think you had seen it too.

Battery Life like mystery, you cannot compare and don’t think you can find out any answer from review. Specially Android. Why ?

1) “Android System drains more battery than iOS.
Remember it, Only when you turn off all of sync, it will be better.
Each brand, each model, each hardware using different Rom ( Roms is Android OS with drivers, customization, built-in app etc). When the Rom, got some bugs, mis-config. it will totally crush your unit, like battery drains, force close, reboot etc.
Of course, they can be fixed by software update. But I dun feel people really know about it.

2) Build-in Apps or Download Apps
Remember, some of them will keep running at background.
Background ? Like Whatsapp, it have to keep running from background to push you there’s new message or not. These kind of app will keep drains your battery. The worse case will be some bad bad app, keep running and pops you ad.

Even build-in App, like Samsung, they have service to backup and sync your data from background. So when HTC vs Samsung , even at same spec, same Android OS. The result CAN BE TOTALLY DIFFERENCE.

3) “Personal Usage does not mean for you.”
Everyone use their phone in different ways, like me, I only use it out of office, checking Facebook page, Facebook, LINE, Whatsapp, etc. NO Youtube normally and only make 1-2 call everyday. How many battery toke while 09:00am – 18:00pm ? it takes around 30-35% . Which means when I off work, i had around 65-70% battery life from Rooted and Flashed Samsung Note II LTE (4G using) , I wake up on 08:00am on Fully charged count. So, how you count this ? How you can expect this unit’s battery life fit your needs a day ?

How to define Good or Bad for a Phone?

“This is totally bullshit.” – Leies

I’m sorry to tell but it’s real. Everything depends on your needs. Everyone expectation will goes totally difference.

Some of reviews, even from famous websites, some points they didn’t make sense.

The phone, its your phone, what you need, what you have to do on it, what you expected on it , these kind of questions, you have to find out before buying any phone , no, should be everything not only phone. Those review, talking about how’s the features, how it good, bad, only applied to their own experience. Maybe I feel good, very simple eg : Note’s Pen, I saw some review telling it is rubbish. But for me, I need it alot , just simple function make the phone more “Smart”, make my life easier. Or they said : “Outlook is bad.” oh real ? I feel it’s cool. This is Art, you can’t say it.

OK, for me, must choose Android, because i hate Apple (again, haters always hate) i need a big screen, smaller DPI, must be can be rooted, pen for drawing idiot thing.
It must be Samsung Note 2. Then check out the hardware spec. , not bad. Before I buy, I goto 2-3 shops, playing on it. Why 2-3 ? Some shops demo unit installed too much apps, you have to try few unit to check the speed, battery life etc.

Some people just use for Whatsapp, Skype. Their requirement won’t be that high on the spec. All they consideration will be on the style, finishing, weight etc.

Android vs iOS ?

Please, don’t compare.
There’s too much feature different, My suggestion is : if you’re didn’t care too much, just see around your friends, what they’re using, then try on it. The “Platform” only provide you very basic features, “APP” will be the most important point you have to consider.

But, some key points i would like to share.

1) Android : I did many post about the GUI, in Android World , you CAN change it, no matter you’re using Samsung, HTC, Sony or even a cheap China made Tablet. They have their own UI to make something different, buy you can install any “Launcher” build with your own style ( Icon, Theme etc) . Of Course, Apple make people know how to use it from any iOS device, so they won’t make it .. This is part of user experience. If you taking any iOS, you will know how to operate it. But, somehow, even me, taking my girl’s Android phone, i still have to find out where it is sometimes. Procs and Cons it is.

2) Live Wallpaper / Widget
There’s tons of Live Wallpaper / Widget, you won’t see them on iOS. Some of them really cool, let’s say I’m using Ironman 3 Live Wallpaper, it’s so cool.

3) DO NOT Care too much about the Android OS version, Like 4.1.x vs 4.2.x, even me, I won’t check it what’s difference. Most of the APP support both.

BUT ! if you looking for OS update, please choose the brand wisely . Some of Brand won’t update it and force you buying a new one.

I feel like this vs , kinda like Windows vs MacOS, Android like Windows and MacOS like iOS (of course..)

4) APPs
Android Provide you Play Store and Apple bring you AppStore.
the Main difference, Android, you can download any “apk” file, send it to your unit, click on it and install it.

iOS, you must install it from Appstore if you didn’t Jailbreak.

5) File Transfer
If you transfer files often, like transfer excel, word file to your unit, there’s only Android can do it easily. Plugin to computer, drag them and done.

iOS, you can’t do it …. must jailbreak. (maybe some tools like ifunbox can do it, but you will get trouble how to open it.)

6) After Service :
Android, depends on each brand. The service level very very different and will be difference in each counties.

iOS – I feel they are cool (if Apple Store)

Finally ….. Urhhhh ! Then how to pick ?
1) Ask yourself , what you need to do on it.
2) APP ( if iOS / Android )
3) File Transfer ( if iOS / Android )
4) Outlook cool ?
5) MUST try on it.
Take the bill please.

Why I post this ? because, I saw a topic in Hong Kong Forum, a guy bought Samsung S4, feel it’s bad, but doesn’t make sense, talking about he know the issue before and some features didn’t make him happy, but still buying ? What ? this is his DumbPhone.

“Be Smart with your DumbPhone or Be Dumb on your Smartphone ?” – Leies Chan

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