How to get LINE stickers from Mexico, Spain, Vietnam & Hong Kong Event :

2013-05-26 01.43.20

Requirement :

– You can’t Login LINE with Phone Number
Don’t Ask me about iOS

1) Update LINE to latest Version.
2) Airplane Mode, then turn on Wi-Fi (connect to your router)
3) Install Morelocale2
4) Set to Mexico, Spain, Vietnam & Hong Kong

If you can’t see these countries, you may add them by :

Mexico (en MX)

Spain (en ES)

Vietnam(en VN)

Hong Kong(en HK)

** Better Reboot Android , mine need reboot to see Mr.Brown appear in step8.

5) Connect VPN to :
FlyVPN Spain VPN (Mexico also connect to this one) :, Login Name: vpnc
FlyVPN Vietnam VPN :, Login Name: vpnc
FlyVPN Hong Kong VPN :, Login Name: vpnu

Password check here :

It’s hard to connect sometime, keep trying and check the password changed or not.

6) Go to Android Setting, Clear LINE data and Force Stop
7) Run LINE, use FaceBook login.
8) You’ll see Mr.Brown at right bottom after login
2013-05-26 22.24.18

9) Click on it, and pick one sticker.
2013-05-26 01.43.20 2013-05-26 01.43.32 2013-05-27 01.13.42

10) Download it.
2013-05-26 01.44.28

Start from 4) one by one again then you will get 4 stickers.

Have Fun !

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