For those comment from this blog and some updates

For the Comments from This Blog:
If you have any comment wanna leave me, I suggest you all come to my Facebook Page, since the blog system didn’t notice me about it, so i may not able to know you all left to me.

Please goto my Facebook Page to drop me a message, I will check them often.

Some Updates for me.

BTW, I’ve long time didn’t post here, I’ve few projects on hand, all about & SOMEWHERE else. They’re on my timeline long time ago, I had to chase the time back.

So far, those projects go very smooth,  so I will spent more time back to this blog again soon. Hope you understand, this blog, just me to organize, so will be some time lag for post. Hope you keep supporting me !

One More Thing :

I will release new platform soon, this platform just like facebook, but I would like to handle it as my personal sharing/news/discussion place, this is a backup plan beside facebook. I believed, one day, Line will stop me to making Game Bypass. Maybe there, will be a place for me, of course, I will add something over there and all of my release post will be ENCRYTED.

Again, hope you will keep supporting me and LET ME know about which topic you like to see, I will try to find out. Thanks and See Ya !

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