Q9 IME for WM5/6 (九方輸入法)

As …

many peoples that hard or not willing or no time to learn or lazy to learn 倉頡/速成 IME but they like to using one hand  typing Chinese , last X year, some one made this “Lazy” IME to let ppl typing Chinese LAZY ….

I did made a Q9 IME (Web Version), everyone could lazy here :
九方輸入法 for G4 Web IME

Here’s snapshot .

Download :

Some Notes :
After install, Q9 will set itself as default IME, just click on the link of : “Register Q9 PPC”  to revert your default IME.

This package only contain IME, if you’re using NON CHT rom, please download my Chinese Lang Pack ( System+ Fonts) here :

Have Fun !

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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