HTC Touch Rom Update

Before you upgrade. better unlock it first, see it here :

Official CHT from HTC :

HTC Touch 中文版 系統更新 1.15.708.3B CHT

HTC Touch 中文版 系統更新
唯讀記憶體版本: 1.15.708.3B CHT
唯讀記憶體日期: 06/20/07
通?模組版本: 02.97.90
1) 改善 MSN Live Messenger 在線連絡人問題
1. 請下載該檔案後,將檔案解壓縮並執行 .exe
1. 更新ROM Code會造成個人資料與應用程式消失,請先將個人資料同步至電腦上備份。
2. 此 ROM Code 只可以更新在香港 HTC Touch 中文版的主機上
3. 電池電量需要在50%以上。
4. 執行時請勿拔下傳輸線,或開啟電腦上其他程式,以避免更新失敗。(嚴重時會造成PDA系統不開機)
5. 整個過程約需15~20分鐘,請耐心等候。
6. 程式執行完畢後,PDA會自動重開機後做自動安裝的動作,此動作約需3~5分鐘。
7. 若不熟悉電腦操作,請到HTC特約維修中心請相關人員協助。
8. 完成更新之後,請不要使用之前備份軟件的檔案去回復。此動作會影嚮系統檔。

Download Here !


Official WWE from HTC :

HTC Touch ROM 2.20.707.1B WWE

New HTC Touch WWE ROM for download.

HTC Touch (Soft Black) ROM Code (2.20.707.1B WWE)

ROM version: 2.20.707.1B WWE
ROM date: 10/02/07
Radio version: 03.07.90
Protocol version:
ExtROM version: 2.20.707.101

1) Availability of the new input methods, Touch Keyboard and Touch Keypad.
2) This update includes all prior updates

Download Here !


Cook Rom : “Touch Dual” for HTC Elf/p3450 – 2.20.707.1B

Intoducing: Touch Dual 2.01!!This is the newer version of Touch Dual.
It has a completely new rom version and a new radio.
There’s also a new SPL available, witch is in a seperate ruu.(for Warranty and such)(This is not the patched, it is an original)


CE OS 5.2.1620(build 18125.0.4.2)
Rom version : 2.20.707.1B
Radio: 03.07.90


Total: 50.15 mb
Free: 46.96 mb

Total: 47.72 mb
Free: 21.04 mb

Included Apps:
Red=New apps

– HTC Album(Can be launched from the cube)
– HTC Home Plug
– HTC Touch Dual Action Screen
– HTC Touch Dual Contacts
– HTC Touch Dual Commmgr
– HTC Touch Dual KeyBoard(fixed and fully working!! no annoyances anymore!!)
– HTC x-Button 1.5
– Windows Live Messenger 2600(No contacts in contacts:P)
– Windows Media(Touch skin)
– Advanced Config(Edit the touch to your needs)
– Audiomanager 1.02(Build 515.718)
– Adobe flash lite 2.1
– Adobe Reader LE 2.0
– google Maps 1.2
– Pocket Screen capture
– Office 2007

Graphic Design:

– Splash screen
– 1 Custom Touch dual tsk

Future Releases:
Ver 2.01:
– NLD 2.20.707.1B version

– Many improvements

You need to perform a USPL update before running this ROM update. The details are available on this forum at :


WWE 2.01(2.20.707.1B)
Download Touch Dual WWE 2.01(Rapidshare)
Download Touch Dual WWE 2.01(Megaupload)

– POF for the USPL
– Developers of the Hypercore Kitchen
– NOONSKI and Tom Codon for all the dual apps
– HTC For releasing such a cool and hip phone, and offcourse for all the apps!!


HTC Touch Radio 03.07.90 protocol

download it here download

rapidshare link download

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