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Changing Default IME

I found a nice tool to change, got it here:

Download SIP Changer (Free tools)

Here’s the other tool for changing default IME and also can Disable SIP too..

Download Here : Pocket Tweak (Free tools)

WARNING: If you set an invalid value in DefaultIM (or apparently if you’re running a recent AKU , then you’ll probably have to hard reset your device.


Add/remove items from the SIP list ?

If you have a few items in your SIP list which you don’t use, they can be removed from the list by setting the IsSIPInputMethod for each item you want removed. To remove the SIP from the list, replace the $SIP_CLSID$ in the example below with a CLSID from the Set default SIP tweak

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\$SIP_CLSID$\IsSIPInputMethod\(Default) = 0 (DWORD decimal)To add it back to the list:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\$SIP_CLSID$\IsSIPInputMethod\(Default) = 1 (DWORD decimal)

$SIP_CLSID$ is the default IME ClassIDs . here’s for some :

Typical pre-installed:
{42429667-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9} = Keyboard
{51A2CB38-154E-4C92-A625-A83871C99EC2} = Phone Pad
{42429690-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9} = Letter Recognizer
{42429691-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9} = Block Recognizer
{F0034DD0-2AD4-11d1-9CB0-E84BE8000000} = Transcriber
Third Party:
{991A1001-9DCB-11d3-B3C2-000000000000} = AccessPanel
{1E03E205-12D7-4d82-963E-C01889F2EC10} = Claviature
{95BDB641-772F-11d2-AC6B-204C4F4F5020} = Fitaly
{52429695-AE04-11D0-A4F8-00AA00A749B9} = FleXslide
{4EAD10BD-83AC-44b9-99AE-71958C1B0F0E} = InPad
{C099F78A-924E-4814-A8CF-54E7BD8C2124} = JetKeys
{4128DEE4-EE84-4338-A261-CC704CB32C19} = NanoPad
{42429695-AE04-11D0-A4F8-00AA00A749B9} = NullKB
{025ECAC2-075B-4b82-A972-05E4C17719EA} = PDAMedia Excel
{FA957346-A925-4b68-B9E1-D3D0310F4433} = PDAMEdia KBD
{DE6510EF-6691-401D-B1D3-B9074BFD1555} = PHM Character Map
{81FC2CAD-AD71-4793-9464-36D27630E584} = PHM Clipboard Pane
{9DD23292-0AB3-48F2-A245-0713652A8CEE} = PHM Ext. Keyboard
{FFFD6819-FF21-4e93-B844-A1BBF986B55C} = QuikWriting
{991A1000-9DCB-11d3-B3C2-000000000000} = RapidCalc
{A070BE16-AD56-11d3-BC77-00C06C512035} = Resco Keyboard Pro
{7F0854D9-9ADA-45A9-A3A2-189D9BE8A653} = Smilies Input Panel
{26F56EF0-2CE8-4C46-ADC8-FE0A7DF12DD1} = SPB Fullscreen Keyboard
{5efab5bd-0af5-48f8-abec-6f36e3a0b5af} = TenGo
{8A7968F3-677B-4F64-859C-8A49FCCCB9BF} = TextPlus
{A5304BFA-CC1D-493f-87D3-D9C17147FA32} = TopKey
{4345EA53-B8A5-4E24-A14A-F7C34DD78077} = WordLogic

CE-Star User Note : Please DO NOT try to change default IME to Penpower or CE-Star , or you will stuck in bootscreen and hard reset …

Leies Chinese Language Extension User Note :
If you changed IME default as other like keyboard etc , you’ll encounter can’t call out other IME like Handwrite, ?? ETC . It’s cause those IME needed to loads up to ram at each reset, and it “EATS” alot of ram .. so, if you encounter this problem, you’ve to load them all manually… by switching IME to loads up.

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