CE-Star R2a XXXXX Reworked .

 20-12-06 updates : I've rexxxxx due to some users reported it still can't type sometimes, so I've check the files and rework on them, for now , it seems really work and won't be expired.

Mobem changed some files in about Nov 2x , so I've repacked CAB version and recxxxk again.

Download Full Version 

This is CAB install Version already, I've packed with System + SIP)
and CXXXX is already built-in, Just download, install . no need other patch .

Download CXXXX Only

Remember close ce-star before install this.

If you've installed R2A (not R2a) version , you can download this pack to upgrade .

Download Upgrade Version (ONLY R2A* can be upgrade to R2a)

*R2a is newer than R2A .

Have fun ,
DV Leies

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