Today update 1 – G4 IME Pack for PDA

This pack contain 3 Parts, after testing, it support :

– WWE/CHT/CHS QVGA rom [Will have problem if VGA] – WM5, WM6 Professional, [NOT support Standard] – 倉頡,速成,筆畫數,英文,手寫輸入法

* Not tested with other Chinese Core like CE-Star/Monster

1) L’s Chinese[MingLiu].cab
If you’re using WWE Rom, MUST install this pack for view Chinese, this pack will install NLS and Fonts to your unit.

2) G4TeamIME.CAB
倉頡,速成, 筆畫數, 合一輸入法 (改自香港政府版) , 已有香港字.

3) Leies手寫輸入.cab
This is 手寫輸入法, (改自3星…) 測試過後, 發現不錯 ! 可寫繁/簡.



Download :
1) : Chinese System + G4 IME
L’s Chinese[MingLiu] + G4TeamIME.CAB

2) : G4 IME Only

3) : Leies手寫輸入

Best Regards,
Darth L’C

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  • fense says:

    Do you have any package that can directly use my QWERTY keypad to type chinese in pinyin?Like those normal phone without touch screen.
    It was hard for me to type chinese by clicking the soft keyboard on screen..
    Does the CLE version work like that?
    for your information I am a user of HTC TyTN (CHT9000).
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Ed Yee says:

    I’ve got a HTC Tilt2 and have been trying to get Chinese Language installed on this device without success.

    I’ve tried the CE-Star and the Monster but none worked. The “studiokuma” actually works better than the others. However, the physical keyboard is messed up. I lost the lower cast letters, I have to key Fn key for every single letter I input. The program also changed my display date into Chinese.

    I can only do a little pinyin and I use the hand writing method to input Chinese most of the time. Is there a way to get the Language pack like the one in the HK ROM? The HK TP2 has both Simplified and Complex Chinese support beside English. This is what I really need.

    It would be so nice if I could read Apple Daily News on my Tilt2.

    Would you please help?


  • Jackson He says:

    Hi, thanks for the software. I installed this package (1 and 3 only) on a WM 6.5 device, and now I can read/write Chinese. But I noticed two problems: (1) For all pop up text menus (in all programs), the top menu entry is not displayed. But when another menu item is chosen, it is shown. (2) The menu font size is reduced a lot. I wonder if you have suggestions for these two problems.

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