Next World, your home.

When everyone talking about MID, Pads, Netbook.

Did you imagine the future of home lifes ?

a LCD/Plasma TV build-in Chrome, Opera for web browsing, which mean a Browser OS , let you manage your files like photos, movies, sync your schedules, auto startup the screen remind you what todo. WiFi to transfer your files, better loading in format like PDF, PPT, a truly standalone unit for presentation.  Skype for free video conference, build-in camera… let your family snap the good time and as well as for a IP Cam, 180 degree let you check anyone at the front of TV.

All of those function not an imagine, I think it MUST release in shortly.

What about the Pad war ? Which OS will win this war ? Right, I think Pads, depends which OS easy to use, and the APPs . Google did a good job in Android, but they got to showoff more APPs, Games to us, let us know that how good were their OS, Apps.

People only knew what is iOS at this moment. They are the best ? Even me, I don’t know. Steve Jobs did very well in their each conference. At least, iTunes/Appstore gave us a good platform to know any software we needed.

I wrote an article before about Pads, but seems I lost it cause my iPad restored …..

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