Ubuntu for HTC HD2 & my lifes

First of all, XDA bring us UBUNTU (Linux) new beta for us,





Simple installation, put the folder into your card ( required 3.x gb !!) run it !

Busy life these few months, I played followings before rest … haha

33954_10150111718795625_708075624_7428418_8139277_n 162864_10150111718585625_708075624_7428409_2817614_n


photo 156967_10150111719190625_708075624_7428435_354240_n


33811_10150111719075625_708075624_7428430_6482931_n 71779_500100190624_708075624_7045183_6445575_n

And I get a Macbook Air for work and for my normal browsing , good machine, bad os …

Talk to you guys later !

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