Flash NAND Android rom to HD2 now ! [6-1-2011更新中文步驟]

30 Dec, 2010 – What a big day that Dark Force Team Release 2 mod to HD2,

MAGLDR bootloader – a loader doesn’t replace OSPL/HSPL, it just run after bootloader. It’s safe to install and remove.

LEO “Stock” NAND Android ROM – it flash/replace WinMobile rom in NAND. Which means it won’t run in SD card anymore. Fast !!

Be warned, Installing MAGLDR and Android may void your warranty.
If you need to send your device to a Repair Centre, make sure that you uninstall HSPL!

Something I found problem while flashing, please read below :
1) HSPL MUST 2.08 (Use HSPL 3 Flash again if you’re not ) if you’re using below, you’ll get stuck in first boot screen
1) HSPL 必定要 2.08, 如非, 再用 HSPL 3 刷多一次, 否則會停機於 Boot 機畫面)
2) Leo_Radio_2.12.50.02_2 RADIO (I saw someone said need this Radio Rom..)
2) Leo_Radio_2.12.50.02_2 RADIO (有人說要此 Radio Rom)
3) If you found problem while flashing to Android in WinXP, try Win7. ( Problem solved!)
3) 刷機時如出現 USB Error, 請用 Windows7 (已找到問題 !)

以上說明我不翻譯做中文了 ….我只做點簡介
Dark Force Team 推出自刷 Android 到系統 (NAND), 不用於 SD 執行. 只要先刷 MAGLDR , 再由 MAGLDR 中, 刷 Android Rom 便可. 要注意, 這動作會完全把 Windows Mobile 完全刪除, 所以如必要, 請 Backup.

還原也很簡單, 只要再刷任何 Windows Mobile Rom 便可.
You need to download :
先下載 :
1) MAGLDR 1.11

2) Android NAND rom version from DFT.
下載 2 Android ROM :
Download it NOW!

Sure you can take a look here if you’re looking other Android build :
以下有其他 Rom Build 可供大家自行選擇 :

OK, as the rom need times to download, so let’s move on MAGLDR flash first.

MAGLDR Flashing Step by Step :
刷 MAGLDR Loader 說明 :

1) Connect HD2 with USB to PC(ActiveSync Mode in Winmobile)
1) 經 USB 接駁 HD2 到電腦 ( Winmobile)

2) Extract DFT_LEO_MAGLDR111.rar, run ROMUpdateUtility.exe
2) 解壓 DFT_LEO_MAGLDR111.rar, 執行 ROMUpdateUtility.exe

3) Wait and Don’t disconnect before finish.
3) 等待刷機直至完成.

4) Done and you’ll see a Menu after reboot.
4) 完後後會出現一個菜單.

Android Rom NAND Flash Step by Step :
刷 Android Rom 說明 :

Updated : For XP users, run ActiveSync, goto “File -> Connection Settings”  UNTICK  “Allow USB connections” before you doing below steps.
更新 : WinXP 用家, 執行 電腦 ActiveSync, 到”File -> Connection Settings”  UNTICK  “Allow USB connections”, 必須完成此動作才繼續以下步驟

1) In HD2 boot Menu : Choose “4. USB Flasher” by using Volume up & Down, Use “Phone” Key to Enter (the Left one)
1) 在 HD2 Boot Menu 中, 按機身”減” 音量鍵, 選擇 “4. USB Flasher”, 再按最左手邊的”電話鍵確定.

2) Connect HD2 with USB to PC
2) 接駁 HD2 USB 到電腦

3) Run DAF.exe (for DFT rom)
3) 執行 DAF.exe (如 DFT rom 的話)

4) Wait and Don’t disconnect before finish.
4) 此時會開始刷機

Flash rom time will below 5mins.

5) After flashing device will auto-reset.
5) 刷好後會自動.

6) It should boot directly to Android.
6) 重新啟動, 會自動載入 Android.

Everything Done !
完成 !!

It should be same method if you would like to flash/reflash other build.
如刷其他版本 ROM, 基本上都是一樣, 只步驟 3 的檔會不同.

Market Software:

As DFT rom doesn’t contain Chinese input method, i found something in Android Market that you may need it :
CedIME – Chinese input
HK APN – Set 3G Data APN
MoreLocale – Add Chinese UI

if you’re looking Chinese Handwrite software, maybe leave me a message , I’ll put it on later..

All Credits to Dark Force Team !!

UPDATE 2 : ANDROID 手寫及筆劃輸入法 : DOWNLOAD HERE ! [可直接由 ANDROID 下載安裝]

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