Whatsapp Free Today !!! 31 May 2011


I think there’s nothing I should tell right ?  MOVE NOW !!!!



Also, for those who jailbroken and using any source download/install/use Whatsapp, REMEMBER  use iTunes on computer / Appstore on iOS RE-INSTALL again .

This move let you become genuine, even you haven’t jailbreak your device, you still can download from iTunes/Appstore.

If you don’t do this again, you MUST wait for anyone crack the new version to update PLUS,  MUST be jailbroken.

提一提, 之前沒有付款, 用 crack Whatsapp 用家, 請用 Appstore/ 經電腦重新 Download Whatsapp 一次 (洗底用), 否則以後一定要 JB 及要等 Cracked IPA才可使用. 如做以上步驟, 洗底後不用 JB 便可下載使用, 可更新.

Hope this help for you all !

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