Free for Today : FusionCam– Multiple exposure (多重曝光)


☆Free for Today , $0.99 the day after, before it’s $1.99 regular price
Fusioncam, a dynamic, easy to use classic toy camera with multiple exposure capabilities.
Just like a real toy camera, multiple exposures are possible when you don’t wind the film.
You can use the camera in the classical single shot, and if you’re feeling creative, try re-exposing that shot. We make it easy to add multiple exposures.. all with the Vintage Toy Camera feel. Open up the camera to see the film roll with all your photos
Take a photo of a texture (table, coloured cloth) and use it to create your own filters when you multi-expose that shot for some amazing results!
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– Classic Toy Camera Photography
– Multiple Exposure of your photos
– Flash for iPhone 4, for 3GS it’s an emulated flash
– Open up the camera to see the film roll, and choose which photos to develop
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– View beautiful shared photos from around the world
– Easily share everywhere Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, Posterous & Flickr
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