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Well, yes, on the first stage, just for READ only , I’m Sorry since I haven’t any SP phone.

Well, as promised yesterday , I release my Chinese core.

I think you guys already found other chinese core in other website already .. but well, I like to DIY .. So here’s my Pack . And what’s Different between my pack with others ? Told you later 🙂

** Note that I haven’t test on a REAL smartphone (I haven’t….) , just tried on Emulator. It works .

Before you Install, please download : SDA_ApplicationUnlock , Unlock your Machine to install .

Unlock Application Step :

Download : SDA_ApplicationUnlock

1) Download and Extract
2) Sync with MS Activesync
3) Run SDA_ApplicationUnlock
4) Click “Remove Lock”
5) Reset your SP and DONE !!!
After Unlock, you can install anything !

Snapshot for SDA_ApplicationUnlock

OK , here you go ! I did some different packs .

Leies Chinese Core for Smartphone

As I told before there’s many pack created by others, why I need to repack ?

Reason 1 : I need to fill my Chinese Platform Project .
Reason 2 : I found there’s some problems for other packs, Internet Explorer Can’t read any CHT/CHS/JAP Webpage..
Reason 3 : Regionals Settings can’t choose some countries .

So I try my best with lack of resources, Finally I did followings : All Support Viewing CHT/CHS/JAP both in System, Internet Explorer .

Pick One !

1) Leies Chinese[MingLiu+NLS].cab <- Click to Download
MS細明體 Fonts (AAC) + Wince.nls + Registry only

2) Leies Chinese[Sunglobe+NLS].cab <- Click to Download
CE-Star Fonts + Wince.nls + Registry only

3) Leies Chinese[YaHei+NLS].cab <- Click to Download
MS 雅黑體 + Registry Only
Make Sure you have 14MB+ to install MS 雅黑體 Fonts !!

Snapshot for Regionals Settings :

Snapshot for IE Encode Settings :

Here’s the Snapshot for MingLiu

Sunglobe Snapshot

MS 雅黑體 Snapshot :

Snapshot for other Lang


Finally .. How I work without the “REAL” SP Phone ?


I just test on here 🙂

For those who using Emulator like me, would you tell me how to call IME in CHT ROM Image ? I can’t found it … Thanks !

I hope you like my pack !

but – ” What next ? ”

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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  • elf says:

    i’ve tried to install on my orange SPV E650 I can read chinese on my phone but there is another problem. When I installed the chinese pack I can create any new SMS.
    When I try to make a new msg it just load up a blank page.

  • MCKH says:

    Hi, Thank you very much for the service here. I just found that the HKET newspaper is not working recently. Hope it can be back online soon. Thank you again!

  • Enrollee says:

    Tried on SP with both WM5 and WM6, It works! But seems some problem with speed to show mass text in Chinese. I tried Ce-start 2.8 R3C for smartphone, that works perfectly, except for the 10 minutes limit. Is there any hope to crack ce-start 2.8 R3C for smartphone?

  • youpii says:

    I tried with the WinMo 6 Professional emulator, it works but could you please also pack it with the SimSun font? SimSun is the standard font for simplified characters and I think it looks better than MingLiu for smaller sizes.

  • youpii says:

    I got how to make a .cab file myself, so I packaged sunfon.ac3 and wince.nls from the WinMo 6 Pro CHS image. Result is only 2.7MB 🙂

  • Princelo says:


  • Wonderful article! We are linking to this great article on our website.
    Keep up the good writing.

  • zoe says:

    I was trying to download the cab file above, but it keeps going back to the main page “Home”?

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