Android UI change Step by step…

This my simple desktop for android. I try to make it simple as well as the steps. I dun like there’s crazy mount of icons on my desktop. So make it clear and simply .

Let’s Move, First of all, the GUI :

Cost money or search from Google pls.


After install, go settings :

UI Settings –

Icon :

Fancy Backgrounds – NO

New Icon – YES

New Icon Setting > Icons Size –80

New Icon Setting > Icon text size – 9

New Icon Setting > Icon text color – #ffffffff ( remember click white circle to confirm )

New Icon Setting > Icon label color – #04000000 ( remember click white circle to confirm )


Main Dock :

I disable dock , I hate docks in any mobile os..


Screen Preferences :

Desktop Columns and Rows – 10

Show Desktop indicator – NO

Hide StatusBar – YES ( I will let you find you bar later)

Overlap widgets – YES


Drawer and Folder Settings – nothing special, you can try them out.


back to main menu, goto General Behavior

Animation and Effects :

Infinite scroll – YES

Screen transition effect – Cube ( here, you can try out which you like. )

Desktop scrolling speed – 629

Desktop Bounce – 34

Wallpaper Scrolling – YES

Sense previews – YES


Back , and Gestures :

Home button binding – NONE

Swipe down actions – Show/hide statusbar ( then you can status bar by swipe up in desktop)

Swipe up actions – Open/close App Drawer ( then you can show all app screen by swipe up in desktop)


Then you can get a desktop like mine, hold the desktop and you can add any folders.

For the folder/app icon, you can click on it to change, if you’re looking for some icons, get this for free :


Then, you need a multi wallpaper, get here for free :


After install, click menu at desktop, wallpaper – live wallpapers, Choose MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, Setting.

Common Settings :

Picture source –> Picture Folder –> Choose your wallpaper folder here..

Background Color – Black

Crop/Resize ratio – Fit to Fullscreen

Decrease Saturation – for me, I like 20%, if you want the whole feeling like me, just follow or adjust by testing.

Decrease opacity – 100% ( I won’t change this.)

back to Screen setting.

Use lock screen settings – Yes

Lock screen settings – you can use other settings in lock screen, leave it if you like to keep same as desktop.

Transition type – Outside Cube ( test any if you like )

Show reflection (top/down) – NO

Double Tap to change picture – YES ( I love it… )

Picture change interval – 1 hour

That’s it for MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

Back, click Set wallpaper and done.


Lock Screen :


Cost money or google 2.1.0 version, NOT 2.1.1 . or you will get kill every time for pirate message.

For the setting, nothing special, just choose your type as you like.


Add-on :

If you like the battery widget at right top, here for free :


MP3 Player widget and app :

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