Android = Battery Drain ? 3 Simple Steps to Save the world ! 3 More Steps for Advance

Well, it is . Dat True Multi-task OS and if you do not manage your background apps well, you’ll charge your battery everyday or even half day oh my god..

I used Samsung Galaxy Note for a month and I would like to share how to save your battery, umm.. maybe not a lot but an hour is an hour, hope to save more as you can.

Below, required some software and an ROOTed device. As this post, I won’t specific any brand of Android phone, so please keep looking, I’ll let you have an idea for skills. Also, some paid APPs required. I divided two part here, one for simple guide, one for advance. If you’re advanced user, that will be easy handling all 5 steps.

Before any Guide : Root your phone

Before you do anything below, You need root your devices. This move must required as we need to get fully control (root) of your OS.

For Samsung, HTC, LG, Acer etc brand, you can search it in Google very easily , or you can go to take a look, there’s some tools for root.

If you’ve no idea and dunno what to do. Please do stop here.

**** Root/Flash your devices may void your warranty and I take ZERO responsibly for any damage if you encounter. 


Simple Guide Start !

Part 1 : SetCPU for Root Users – To Set CPU scales

Get it from :

Google it if you NO $$$

Screenshot for SetCPU .

Go Main tab :

What Scaling we should use ?

For Stock rom, go “ondemand”. Set MAX to 800, Min to 200. It’s balanced.

For Custom Kernel/Rom : Go to Advanced Guide

Surely, you can try out others.

Tick Set on Boot.

for the rest, I will tell in advance part.


Part 2 : System Tuner Pro – To Freeze NON active and stay in memories apps.

Google it if you NO $$$

Screenshot :


Step 2 : System Tuner Pro – Manage Startups APPS, which means apps to run after boot.

Check out Startups : Some of Apps you can be frozen, some apps you had installed, it will be automatically startup after boot like Windows/MacOS, so you can arrange your boot up. Like Camera, Clock, Dialer, Dolphin Browser, Dropbox, Email, FriendCaster Pro, Gmail, Hotmail, LINE, MAPS, Market, Messaging, PPTV, Samsung Account etc, you can tick/take OUT of them.


Step 3 : System Tuner Pro – Freeze System APPS, System app run always in memories anytime.
For this part, you need to pay attention, you’ll get hanged every bootup if you freeze wrongly. So, DON’T frozen if you don’t know what they are !

Check out System Apps, in my note, I’ve frozen :, AllShare, AP Mobile, Aurora2, Blue sea, Buddies now, ChocoEULor,, CooEUKor, Days, Dual clock, Home screen tips, etc….

Tips for you, frozen all Widget that you dun use, how ? click on the app, then details, normally will be named in package content like this :

If you looking for a full list , check out here :

I suggest just frozen it, but NOT remove it for safety. Surely, if your device no rooms, you can use this reference to free up your rom.

Actually, it really works by frozen some system apps. It’s always stay and run in memories, frozen them can let your devices keep in “Deep Sleep” always. That’s why users report that some apps drains batteries…

This is the END of simple 3 step. Actually, it save around 10-15% Battery on my Note, If you’re looking for more tweaks, please check below.


Advance Guide Start !

Step 4 – Flash a custom Kernel / ROM

This step, well, umm.. it’s hard to most of new comer, and I can say, it’s danger if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also, it’ll void your warranty.


Why Flash Custom Rom / Kernel ?

Like the old school Win Mobile Phone, there’s a lot of cookers who like to tweak/add/remove some features directly, I’m not saying all of them are good, but most of them, works great specially in XDA forum, you can check them out, flashing a Rom/Kernel not only gain more battery life, it will brings you maybe a new outlook(GUI), more apps, more features, lag fix etc. And I can tell that this step AMUST !

Yes, I know, it takes time to find out which good. Do read all of them if you really wanna go to flash . If you’re Chinese, take a look on Mobile1 or some forums, they had explain and discussion. I won’t tell which one good which bad. All you need is DO YOUR READING.


Step 6 – Set CPU Voltages – Under clock your CPU

go to SetCPU, Main Tab : For Custom Kernal : SmartassV2 for More power, Interactive like the name tells, more interactive then.

then go to Voltages tab, there’s so many numbers there, write down them before any moves !

** Lower CPU voltages, like overclocking your CPU like your Desktop/Laptop, you need to test as every CPU is different. That’s why I can’t just paste the number here.

Normally , in any MHz, you can set lower 100 , let’s say :
800 MHz – 1050 MV current

You can change it to :
800 MHz – 950 MV

So, set them one by one, after done, Click “Apply” and DO NOT TICK “Set on Boot” yet !!!

There’s some cases you need to test out :

1) Your device hanged immediately after click “Apply” ( just reboot, the default number will be there)
2) If 1) not happen, back to home, run some apps to check.
3) if 2) no problem, Try Reboot and Apply again .

If 1,2 and 3 Passed, which means your voltages tweaks works and back to SetCPU, Tick “Set on Boot” .

For more ! You can try lower 25 MV each time, but remember !!! DO NOT TICK “Set on Boot” each time you tweak before passed 1-3 test . Or you’ll get Hang every bootup.

After tweak, write down the numbers again, when you upgrade a new Rom/Kernel , your Voltages tweaks maybe lost.


A tool to check CPU MHz all the time.

Screenshot :


Finally ..

That’s all about this guide, I’m not sure it’s easy or hard for you, but this method let mine save more batteries (at least 2x-3x% more) .

The point I would like to bring out : You know what? Save just one minute, save the world more than ONE minute for everyone and if everyone do this.

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