Save Your 64GB SSD with Macbook Air + Windows7

Macbook Air 64GB is quite worth to buy as the price is very attractive, however 64GB after installed some Apps, Windows7, you will find your 64GB SSD almost full.

This Topic, I try my best to slim down SSD and as well as performance.

What should I do ?

Firstly, we work on MacOS, no matter Lion or Leopard.

MacOS – Part 1 : Slim down apps and ….

Firstly, Get CleanMyMac – US14.95 for 6 Month, US29.95 for Lifetime.

No $$$ !! Search Google Please

CleanMyMac is a very good Cleaning App, there’s so many features like clean caches, logs, App Uninstaller. But I use this for :

– Clean Languages

– Clean Universal Binaries

This is my main Goal.

How to ?

1 – Get full permissions by click the lock icon.
Auorized Cleanup

2 – Goto Preference and TICK which languages you wanna KEEP.
Clean Languages

3 – Click Scan and will take few mins .

Full System Scan


4 – Click Erase !!!

Auorized Cleanup

It will slim down in GB . Each time you’ve a new app installed, you can run it again to check anything that you can slim it.


MacOS – Part 1b : One more Steps to ensure

Why again ? I found CleanMyMac is good, but still haven’t deleting all of languages/Universal Binaries. So I get this to double check.

Go and get : free app.

Monolingual – This app let you remove Languages, Input Method, Architectures . Don’t worry, It support Lion that I’ve tested.

1 – Languages, again, but this time – Select the items you want to REMOVE


2 – Input Menu, Select …

3 – Architectures, Left Intel and Intel 64bit.

It will take more times to scan, delete . Take a coffee please.


MacOS – Part 2 : System Files

Here, we move on to delete some System file, so please do backup before move.

How to Show all files include System Files ?

Start terminal in (Application/Utilities),

Type or copy and paste below command :

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

killall Finder

After terminal, let’s go and delete (**Surely keep some if you’re using….. )

  • Printer drivers – (/Library/Printers)
  • Dashboard Widgets (/Library/Widgets)
  • Screen Savers (/Library/Screen Savers)
  • Synthetic Voices (/System/Library/Speech/Voices).
    The Alex voice alone occupies over 600MB of disk space.
  • If you won’t need them, onboard dictionaries in (/Library/Dictionaries) represent another area of slimming opportunity; they weigh in at almost half a gigabyte.

Still Not enough ? Some smaller size will be check in:

  • At almost 100MB, (/System/Library/Desktop Pictures) has a lot of photo you can probably live without.
  • The Setup Assistant in (/System/Library/CoreServices) is about 70MB, and includes that cute Leopard video that plays when you first install the system.
  • In (/System/Library/Fonts), you’ll find several Asian fonts that occupy almost 75MB of space. And Delete some fonts if you like to.
  • You may also want to thin out /System/Library/Compositions, the quartz composition folder, with its 50MB of QuickTime movies.

Any Other Way ?

After Part one and two, if still feel that no good, I can suggest few ways if have some/lot music, movies, photos. So it’s for iTunes, iPhoto.

What you Need ?

Get a ultra small USB drive like :

I have one for 8GB, it’s extremely works great, if you care about disconnect from sleep/hibernate, I tell you, no worries. I store all my files, music, movies, even Dropbox to USB Flash. This model provide 16GB if you need, get it , just around HKD140.00 for 16GB.

1 – Move/Create iTunes Library in USB Flash.

The process for this is actually pretty simple.

  1. Copy (~/Music/iTunes/) to USB Flash.
  2. Launch iTunes holding down the Option key.
  3. When prompted, click the “Choose Library…” button.
  4. Navigate to the folder you just copied over and select the “iTunes Library” file.
  5. Double check that all your files seem to play correctly.
  6. Delete (~/Music/iTunes/) on SSD

For iPhotos, I suggest you move you photos and rebuild one again.


Windows User ! I won’t forget about you, if you installed Win7 already, I suggest you recreate win7 with bootcamp again, before it, go google search “tiny7” and install it. You’ll love it.

If you’re Chinese users, go here download Chinese Pack

Chinese GUI download Here “:

and actually, Build-in IME will not work, so you need Yahoo IME from TW.

After installed Win7, Double check those :

Disable System Restore and Previous Versions

  1. Click on the Start button, right click on Computer, and then click Properties.
  2. On the left hand side of the System Properties window, click on “System Protection”
  3. Select the partition that Windows is installed on (typically “C:”), then click on “Configure…”
  4. Select “Turn off System Protection”, then click on OK.

Remove SP1 un-installation files

  1. Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then click on “Disk Cleanup”.
  2. Select the partition that Windows is installed on (typically “C:”), then click on OK.
  3. Select “Service Pack Backup Files”, then click OK.

Disable Hibernation

  1. Click on Start, All Programs, then click Accessories.
  2. Right click on Command Prompt and choose “Run as Administrator”.
  3. If you are prompted, provide consent or the appropriate credentials.
  4. Type the following command into the command line: powercfg -h off
  5. Press Enter.

That’s all my tips to slim down MacOS and Win7, I hope this will help you ! Save your SSD and MAX the performance !!

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