ainol Novo 7 Elf 4.0.3 ICS Root, Market fix, Tweak all-in-one [Should be work on ainol Aurora/Advance]

Updated : ainol Novo 7 Elf/Aurora/Advance 4.0.3 Market fix [8 Feb2012]


 Just bought a new toy, 7” LCD multi touch, 1024×600,  Many Core A10 CPU , Wifi, 1GB, 3700mA, HDMI 1.4, USB OTG running in ICS 4.0.3 version.

Official Web :




It’s quite funny toy and run well after some tweak, since this ICS 4.0.3 build, Official Android Market, Google Apps not included, so some tricky tweaks are required.I spent 6 hours try some tweak pack but no luck, keep stuck in boot loop, many error message prompted, etc system error….  required flash back original Rom again, again and again. Finally , I worked out my own pack.

I cheated Android Market recognize Novo 7 Elf as Samsung GIIS Smile, so you can download most of all apps inside.

Here’s my tweak pack, also worked on some A10 Chips Device, specially I heard that works on ainol brand.

Leies Tweak Pack Version 1, that includes :

1. Enable full Android market access like Skype, Launcherpro which were missing from default market.
2. Google framework and apps added (like maps, voicesearch, etc. Location not working)
3. Some Wifi improvements. (May drain battery a little bit more)
4. Improve UI scrolling responsiveness.
5. Render UI with GPU.
6. JPEG quality adjusted to 100%.
7. Photo & video recording quality improved.
8. Added 4 essential free apps option.
9. Fool games this tablet is SGS2 so as to allows you to play. *for 800×480 tablet
10. Added option for 1024×768 tablet without SGS2 compatibility.
11. Fixed HDMI problem.
12. Added Google Currents
13. Added working Flash that works with Opera. *Thanks to tonyzoc*
14. Added working Skype *Thanks to Jeannette*
15. Updated Music player to 4.1.511.
16. Added logcat.bat for bootloop check.
17. LCD Density Monitor Pro


Free apps included:

Advanced Wifi Lock Free v1.3.5 – This will help Wifi download to continue when screen sleep.
Astro File Manager Free v3.0.247.std – This will help you view and edit system root files.
Volume+ Free v1.7.3 – This will help improved the soft speaker problem.
ES Task Manager Free v1.2 – Kill tasks to free up memory.
Skype – Working *Do not update*
Flash – Working *Do not update*

Leies Tweak Pack Version 1 for ICS 4.0.3 Download

 Goto top link download latest one.

Installation guide:

WARNING: Full Android market script for Allwinner A10 ICS firmware.
May result to re-flash your firmware.

Before this guide, download Driver here, I’, not sure which one you need, maybe try one by one when not working.

Download ADB Driver Here :

32bit :

64bit :

All-in-one :


1. Connected your Allwinner A10 tablet to the PC.
2. Make sure your Allwinner A10 is plugged in with USB debugging enabled.
Goto Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging
3. Set your display sleep to 30mins
Goto Settings > Display > Sleep > 30mins
3. Run/double-clicked install (.bat file)

Snapshot :


4. After installation is complete, press any key to reboot the tablet.
5. Unplug the USB cable when the tablet started reboot. (Reboot make take a little longer.)
6. Remember to set back display sleep time.
7. Run LCD Density Monitor Pro change back the DPI from 120 to 160 ( if you feel laggy )

Possible error:

Problem signing into Google account the 1st time, but after running again all works well.

If you are stuck in android loop screen, try pressing the power button for 20secs till tablet force shut down, and on it back again.
If it still loop, you’ll need to reflash and apply the script again.

For players to scan medias on TF card goto system/storage/EXTSD check “Enable media scanning on sd card” & reboot.



1. It’ll work best if you install this script after 1st load up.
2. DO NOT pull the cable out before the tablet reboots.
3. As always use at own risk.


After this guide, you may go here to :

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Android UI change Step by step…

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