Playing PSP on your PC Monitor with USB only

Well, just find this software to enable even PSP100x or PSP200x playing Games on your PC Mon.

Need to read chinese readme ?

You need to download this :

1. Copy all files under MS_Root to your memory stick.
2. Run iRShell (Must use 3.X Kernel)
3. Go to “Directory View”


( This step is Patch your PSP no UMD , MUST do ! )
Note : Please choose your Custom Firmware , MUST see it patched already or not !!!!

5. After patch, Press R+Start to run configurator.
Find “Display Redirect to PC Via Usbhost0” and Enable this option. Press O to save config.

6. Back to menu (press “Select”)
Click “Toggle USBHost” and Connect USB cable to your computer.


7. Your Winxp will need you install the “PSP USB Type B” Driver, just choose Driver folder and install the driver.

8. After installed driver, Run IRShell\RemoteJoy4iRS\RemoteJoy4iRS.exe on PC, you will see your PSP screen already.

9. Run your game by choosing “Directory View” , get into ISO folder and run your games !

10. You can choose Full screen on right panel .

Have Fun !


Best Regards,
D V Leies

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