Galaxy Note N7000ZSLA2 SMemo, Phone Dial 240 DPI Fix

First of all, what is DPI ? Why we need to change it ?

DPI changing, let you get more info ( more icon, text, etc) on your screen, just like with a high resolution setting on your PC.

But while you changed DPI to 240, you’ll found S-Memo background broken, Phone Dial page missing keys, here’s the fix for them.

Memo : ( I modded by myself  from LA2 HK Rom)

Download :

Installation :

1) Backup your SMemo.apk from /system/app
2) Edit the File Name to SMemo.apk
3) Copy the File to /system/app
4) Reboot

Also, once you upgraded to LA2, you’ll found your memo lost…. What the ?

No Worry, they all there, in sdcard/S Memo Export


Dial Page :
No need to download, goto “Settings” > “Language and keyboard” > Enable “One hand operation” .

Then back to Phone, the keys are back !


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