Dropbox : Fastest way tricks for getting more space in Beta

Just posted a news about dropbox beta :

Get more Space Now !!! Move Move Move !!

And here, follow these and you’ll be fine and save yourself whole lot of uploading!

Originally Posted by Idan73  View PostFastest way (tip i saw on g+) is to use beta desktop client provided in first post with those blank videos (you can put any avi or mp4 video on usb as well as long as it is in the dcim/camera foler and has not been uploaded to dropbox before and note ‘renaming does not work’) and use autorun dropbox import function.

must connect in mass storage mode or just plug microsd card ( usb reader and external hard drive does work as long as you keep proper folder structure dcim/camera). allow import to complete then in dropbox client ‘pause syncing’. go to dropbox ‘camera uploads’ folder and delete files. again in dropbox client ‘resume syncing’ and thats it.

you just maxed 5GB without wasting all that time and bandwith!
note:you must have at least 4.5GB in pics and videos plus that one initial picture

another note: your maximum in pics and videos you want to import can not be greater than total dropbox ammount available to you or it will fail to sync properly. so best keep it around 5 just in case.

Originally Posted by Mullicious

SD card worked a treat, and plugging in my external HDD had the option to import too. All you need to do is create the folder “DCIM/Camera”.

Got my extra 5GB already. Swhueet. My only worry is if Dropbox catch on; which they will. What will they do about it? Could they track who has been given large amounts of space, but not made any real difference in space in their online accounts? Could easily take the space back off us.

Originally Posted by TvBTvB 

1 (Not required) Exit dropbox (right click tray: Exit)
2 Collect 5GB of .avi’s on your pc (If you have 5GB storage space, if you have 2GB, collect 2GB of .avi’s)
3 Copy the .avi’s to your phone in DCIM/Camera folder
4 Install/Update your desktop(Windows etc. Not android!) dropbox client from the first post
5 Make sure dropbox is running
6 Connect your phone in mass storage mode
7 From the action pop-up in Windows choose: Import with dropbox
8 Wait until import is complete
9 While dropbox is uploading the files (After indexing!) right-click the tray icon and select ‘pause syncing’
10 Delete the avi’s from Dropbox/Camera Uploads folder
11 Right-click the tray icon and select ‘resume syncing’
12 Done!


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