ainol Novo 7 Elf/Aurora/Advance CWM Mod & Google apps fix

Download :

Installation :
1) Connect USB ( surely you need to install drivers correctly )
2) Run 刷入recovery_for_ICS.bat
3) Boot_to_recovery_for_ICS.bat

For ELF user, you’ll find you can’t move the row, haha, the trick is :

HOLD Up or Down button, and then press Up or Down to row down.

eg, I hold Down button, then I press Up button to move.

For those found Google Calendar can’t sync, here the fix :

** Must install in CWM. ( Copy the zip to internal storage )

Reboot .

If you still found problem for Google Apps,

1) Download
2) Copy the zip to internal storage
3) Install in CWM
4) Install Calendar fix again.
5) Reboot.

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