Samsung Galaxy Note Tweaks–Silence Camera, Battery & System Icon

Before anything, Backup and Root Required

Download :

Silence Camera Mod – No Shutter Sound

1) Use Root Explorer
2) Goto System/Media/Audio/UI
3) Rename Shutter_01.ogg to Shutter_01.bak

Silence Camera Mod – Focus Sound ( for LA2 Hong Kong Rom )

1) Copy Camera.apk to your Internal / Ext SD Storage
2) Use Root Explorer
3) Goto System/App
4) Replace Camera.apk

Battery & System Icon ( Should be work for some roms as well )

Battery : Thanks Mobile01 czh

1) Copy to your Internal / Ext SD Storage
2) Run CWM
3) Reboot to ClockWorkMod
4) Install yourpack.apk

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