Samsung Galaxy Note ICS 4.0.3 Custom Rom – Team Rocket ROM V1.4 / [Updated 1.5]

I found this rom very nice , very smooth, root, CWM, Swype IME, Google App like Market installed already. It can be replaced the original lack rom. S-Memo doesnot included in this rom, you need to reinstall in my option . (1.5 included)

Download :

1) AbyssNote Kernel –

Install AbyssNote Kernel to ensure CWM works. Download it and copy to SD Card.

2) Team Rocket Rom –

You need to install 1.4 Version First and upgrade to 1.5  <- 1.4 <- 1.5 New !

Second update on 25/2 :

15 Tooglebar Tweak :

reworked, Download here :

Install it from CWM.

Download it and copy to SD Card. That’s it.

How to install ?

First of all , you need a rooted with CWM rom to install this rom. if your Note haven’t rooted yet, please check this out :

or Flash my post at :

Flash it using Odin or Mobile Odin. Then you’re rooted.

Installation :

1) Once you’re rooted, flash AbyssNote Kernel, boot to CWM recovery, you can use the app to boot in or Poweroff the device then hold UP + Home + Power .

2) Install zip from SD card, choice the AbyssNote zip and install.

3) Then reboot and go back to Recovery mode again.

4) Install Team Rocket Rom , same way from 1) 2) (Don’t Reboot yet )

5) Goto wipe menu and do a wipe cache/data/factory /dalvik

6) Reboot and Stay tune, will take few mins to get back .

Optional Install : same as my last post.

1) NOTE: If flashed with ODIN your flash count will increase and the triangle will appear. Download TriangleAway to fix:
Original Thread for TriangleAway<—Read it !!

2) Samsung DioPen Chinese IME ( 三星輸入法 Note 2.36 , 倉頡/速成)

Updated : Option 1 – Manual Install : (I Prefer option 2)

a) Put DioPenChineseIME.apk to System/App

b) Extract , put *.so to System/Lib

Option 2 – Install from CWM :

3) New Added : 繁體中文連 Emoji 字體

4) New Added : Root Explorer ( for put/replace file in system file )


240 DPI Mod Method :DON’T use LCD Density Modder Pro, I tried, will stuck in Boot Logo

1) Use Root Explorer
2) Goto System
3) Open build.prop
4) Find :

Change to


Save and apply Smemo 240 Mod rightnow (don’t reboot yet)

5) Download SMemo Fix here : (Modded by myself)
6) Back to Root Explorer, Copy SMemo.apk to System/app

Then reboot and Done !

Since, the rom for Dialer can’t set to one hand operation (remain same if click  in Setting) Or you can dial by landscape , I just use this free app to replace.


Silence Camera Mod : ( Focus still had sound…)

Use Root Explorer, goto :


Rename Them :




Original Thread From XDA : <- Team Rocket <- AbyssNote


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