Chrome Beta – Removed Device ID Check/Allow Move2SD – 24/02/12

Patched version to work on all ICS roms that are using full HWA (arm v7), without having to modify build.prop
Also modified to allow moving to SD Card (ends up only using 4Mb of internal memory).

Latest Version (24/02/12) – 0.16.4215.215

Download Here:

Please note that because I’ve resigned it, market updates in the future will fail (but then they wouldn’t work anyway if you need this, so best wait and download another patched update )

And if you already have chrome installed, you’ll have to uninstall before updating to the patched version, as the signatures don’t match.

Do not attempt to use this if the first Chrome beta doesn’t work on your rom, or if you are not running an ICS based rom. This will not help you there.

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