UNI’s Crossbow

it's so funny , i just save my jasjar, so got two UNI now… Exec and Jasjar.

so you must ask me what funny ? after my test about one day … …

1. Always Hang on my O2 Exec, even on reboot , still hangs while bootingup and hangs after boot …. not often on Jasjar (Strange…)

2. The most important for me : CE-Star can be use ! BUT after installed CE-Star, it'll made your Live Messenger never online …. (this fact made my EXEC downgraded)

3. Very fast respon but slower boot.

4. Not good power managment than AKU 3.5 from Ivan. about 20-30% per day 

5. Better Phone interface , there's contacts list on the top of phonepad or switch to contacts list at the same page.

Just test about that , since I've wasted alot time for fixing CE-Star problem, but no luck .. I've hardreset about 100 Times …There's one time that works, but I've forgotten how to do it and haven't backup, I tried searching the registry and compare, sounds like the setup file wrote something into registry and some files, so maybe hack the setup files and find out and and and and  check files TMR …

Guess the Problem:
1. wince.nls not comp. with Live
2. setupex edit PIM files made live not works..
3. registry thing….

Well, I won't try Moster now , I'll wait for the other build release … seems not stable at all.

What about my Jasjar ? Act as Phone now (Crossbow) . HAHAHA

Darth Vampire Leies (always stay in dark)

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