How to Flash Ainol Novo 7 Essential Clean ROM v0.8a for Elf

Why This Rom ?

Feature List (Android 4.0.3 Rom):

  • Remove Chinese Application
  • Remove Games (AngryBirds,etc)
  • Remove Application (ES Files,Task,FileManager)
  • Add Google Apps (Sync Working!)
    Google Photo (Picasa)
    Market (Full Maket Access. Faked Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus)
  • Superuser
  • WiFi Location Support
  • VoiceSearch
  • SetupWizard
  • Default Language English
  • build.prop Modfication (Protect Apps Listed on Market)
  • Changed Default Wallpaper (Phase Beam Like)
  • Remove ainol boot animation
  • and more…

More info for 0.8a Rom :

-Base ROM by Onda v1.0 (mid-eng 4.0.3 IML74K 20120307 test-keys)
–Support Wifi Direct
–No Volume Lag (ICS Screenshot not Supported)
–2160p Player Updated. (seek bar moved on top)
-Bootloader,u-boot,Boot image included
-New Busybox & Symlink
-Support init.d Script
-Wi-Fi & VM Tweak
-Play Store v3.4.7
-Added Supernote
-Transformer Style Navigation Icon
-Onda Style Bootanimetion
-Hided USB Debug Icon
Not Fixed Touchscreen Shake (Response So Good)
-default font size Has been set to “Huge” size. please fix your self :rolleyes:
-Supernote Left Column Hiding bug.

Posted Image
Posted Image

1) Flash the Official Ainol Novo 7 Elf Rom 0302 (Released on 2012-03-08) :
Download :

Use LiveSuitPack 1.07 to flash the rom
Download :

How to Flash ?

Turn off ELF, Unplug Power and USB , hold Home Key and Plug USB, press Power for 5-6 times, it will start to install , the driver will be found after you run LiveSuitPack_v1.07.exe, there’s a folder call “UsbDriver”.

Then Run LiveSuit, Choice the img file, flash it and wait for reboot.

Download : Essential Clean v0.8a without Bootloader android-kun)

Copy the zip to external SD Card ( for last step use )

2) ClockworkMod on your Elf :
Download :

How to install ?? Use GScript
Download :

Install GScript . and extract (3 files) to SDCard.

Run Gscript, press menu button, add script, type any name u like at “name” and type below in script box,

sh /sdcard/

it will show done. Then press menu button again, add script, type any name u like at “name” and type below in script box,

sh /sdcard/

It will reboot to CWM.

Last : Install Clean ROM v0.8a

– “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” (YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA)
– “Wipe Cache Partition”
– “Wipe Dalvik Cache”
– Select “Install zip from External SDCARD”
– Choose the zip file :

Wait and Reboot after Done.

Finished !! This rom is great, fast .. Hope you enjoy it !

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