Samsung Galaxy Note N7000ZSLPF–TMT 1.3beta [ Final Right Now ]

Leies Simple Upgrade Guide ( If you’re in ICS N7000ZSLPY )

Why using TMT rom ? Actually, this is the easiest way to upgrade without mistake. Quite simple, surely you need rooted and CWM before you step in.

Download :
A : This is the bootloader ( <- Download )
B : This is the rom
B : This is the Final Rom [ update on 19 May ]
C : This is the kernel (thanks to CF)
D : This is the modem

1. Open ODIN 1.87 PC, select “bootloader” and flash “A” file (see this thread for mirror and more explanation)
2. Boot the rom, use CWM recovery to flash “B” file (if you are on TMT1.2 no need wipes)
* Leies Note : then reboot
3. After reboot, use Mobile Odin to flash the kernel, the above “C” file
4. From CWM recovery flash the modem (“D” zip)
5. Flash TheMIDTeam1.3_PS_CR_SNOTE_FIX to fix Play Store buy issue, enable call recording (with Sanity), and inject SNote libs (only for TMT1.3 BETA)…..
5. Extra Step from Leies – CWM Recovery, do the 3 Wipe by here, it should be safe since you have flashed a new Kernel already . Better DON’T WIPE it… someone got problem and can’t back. 

Note by Leies :

1) If you come from non-rooted GB,  find the root guide from XDA, root it and flash Abyss  kernel, then go step 1-4
2) If you come from Rooted GB rom, flash Abyss  kernel, then go step 1-4


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