Samsung Galaxy Note : TheMIDTeam 1.4 ICS–LPF Rom

Actually , LPF rom is for Tai Wan and Hong Kong. And Some users reported, the final build from Hong Kong, the release day is same with LPF. So Flash it if you like.

Leies Starter : ( for those ROOTED already )

1) Download TMT1.4 Rom: Link1 or Link2

2) Download Abysskernel4.2 , or Link2

3) Check the Step Clearly below  !!!

Goto CWM recovery :
3a) Flash “Abyss Kernel 4.2”, reboot recovery (advanced/reboot recovery),
3b) then you’re Abyss Kernel, select “restore”, then select TMT_1.4_FINAL ( this step MUST in Abyss Kernel !!! )


And some updates : You may apply this too.

CHANGELOG OF TMT1.4_UPDATE_1 (a simple update to flash with CWM recovery WITHOUT any wipes) :
1. TW UX with 5×5 home and 5×6 drawer (thanks to “smbh9099”)
2. S-Voice hacked new version (thanks to “wanam” and “yusmiza”)
3. Email and exchange from LPF and SG3 themed
4. Original calculator from SG3
5. Clockpackage from LPF and SG3 themed
6. Build.prop back to N7000 fingerprint
7. Original Job manager from SG3
8. MMS, CONTACTS and PHONE icons SG3 themed

MIRROR 1 (thanks to bangsti)

CHANGELOG OF TMT1.4_UPDATE_2 (another simple update to flash with CWM recovery WITHOUT any wipes) :
1. Voip enabled
2. More toggles in status bar (thanks to Chrack)
3. Wallpaper settings fixed (from settings/display options)
4. Lockscreen meteo fixed
5. Added Voicetalk (from TMT1.3) in data/app
6. Twframework SGS3 themed


If you come from GB or ICS UN-Rooted Note, please check the root guide from XDA.

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