Apple Mail….

Well, while using Mac in office .. I’m trying to import Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook 2003. ( for backup …)

I did some search in Google, Yahoo .. but quite hard search the right one, normally just saying ” Moving Outlook to Apple mail” … WTF . One of it telling that you need to Save Apple Mail as RAW data and then copy them to Eudora Mail box (*.mbx) .

After testing , one of my mail works, but not for all of my Mail box, keep showing error.. .. god .. Then.. I tried searching some Mail Converting tools to do it .. Finally , I got it ,

Aid4Mail 1.975 – Easily Convert, Export, Migrate, and Archive your Email

Supported Mail Formats

  • Extended MAPI systems (see System Requirements):
    • Office Outlook (from version 97 to 2007)
    • Windows Messaging / Exchange Client, etc.,
  • Outlook Personal Storage files (*.pst),
  • Outlook MSG files (*.msg),
  • Outlook Express (versions 4, 5, and 6),
  • Windows Mail (Windows Vista mail client),
  • Windows Live Mail,
  • EML message files (*.eml),
  • Mac message files (*.emlx),
  • MHT Web Archive files (*.mht),

Since I’m home now, so just give it a shoot on the Eudora Mail box (Converted already) , well, after half hour ( I’ve got about XXXXX mails in my office) All converted without error !!! And it can directly convert to MS outlook files ! Great .. Aid4Mail, you save my life . Thanks !

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