So, What you Like to do after Rooted ?

Here’s my list :

1) Adblocker – AdFree removes most ads in the browser and other apps. It does this by nullifying requests to known host names in the system hosts file.

2) DroidWall – Android Firewall – Allows you to restrict which apps can access the network. This is the perfect solution if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, or just wants to see your battery lasting longer.

3) droid VNC server – Allows you to remote control your android within your computer!

4) Lucky Patcher – Do a  Search from Internet .. This app can detect & remove Google Ads from ANY Apps .

5) Titanium Backup – You can get full backup with your app + DATA !

6) System Tuner Pro – they seems changing to other app named Android Tuner – The most complete Android system suite: monitor and record all activities, backup and restore *any* applications, extended task killer, CPU SD and memory controls, logcat reader, terminal emulator, widgets and notifications, all in one highly optimized app! Leies Comment : I use this only for stop & Freeze Startup/System App

7) SetCPU – SetCPU is a tool for changing the CPU settings on a rooted Android phone or tablet, including the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One series, Nexus S, Nexus One, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy series, and most other devices. You’re under control: SetCPU can improve your performance, save battery, or both!

Free Replacement : CPU Master

8) Mobile ODIN Pro – Samsung only – Mobile ODIN – Full firmware flashing straight from the device itself!

9) DirectoryBind – move data to external_sd (GameLoft, Shadowgun etc.) , I’m trying this on Note 2, as games data file is HUGE, this app can help a lot ! ( Why this ? Cause Most of App2SD like app won’t be work on Note 2 )

10) Market Enabler – Market-Enabler is an application to fake the phone’s location and access markets from other countries. Android market is separated into regions (country and carrier specific) and some apps are just enabled for a specific country and not available to the other Countrys.


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